Bad Study Habits

Although we all have different styles of studying, this article will show the most common bad habits that hinder students from effectively studying. For every bad habit there are suggestions on how to fix and avoid this habit.

Most students form study groups or invite two or three buddies to come over to study. It can be fun to have some friends over but sometimes too much socializing while studying can distract you. This may result in only 25% study time and 75% socializing time. If you do not want to study alone, you can find one study partner that will help you while you are studying.

Having a poor study environment can negatively affect your studying. Some students have the habit that they can just sit anywhere and start studying. Soon they will complain about aching back, too much noise or the area is too dark. This is because the chair, the environment, the lights and everything is not comfortable and it is not conducive for studying. In order to change this, fix the area and get a real comfortable chair. Your table should have ample lighting and the temperature of the room is just right, not too cold or too hot. Just find what works best for you.

Most students have the habit of multi tasking while studying. This can be talking on the phone while reading your lessons, checking on your facebook account and switching back to your notes and other task that can take a huge amount of your study time. When it comes to studying, just focus on one thing and do not try and do several things at one time. After your exam you will have all the time in the world to go back to your usual activities.

Studying in bed is one habit that almost everyone is guilty of. It may be comfortable to study in bed but it can be too comfortable that you can fall asleep. Avoid beds when studying, that's the only sure way to break this habit.

Studying while commuting. This can work if you are just reviewing what you have studied at home. You cannot actually do an intense study while you're on a bus or a car. This can even give you a headache with all the movements of the vehicle and your eyes trying to fix on what you are reading.

There are still a lot of bad habits that a lot of students do while studying. However, what may not work for others can work for some people. Take for instance music, other students study effectively when listening while others want to study in silence. If you are committing some of the habits mentioned above and you feel that you cannot study thoroughly because of those actions then it's time to change those habits.

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