Building The Right Environment For Study

Are you able to study in peace, and without interruption in your designated study area? Or are you constantly bothered by friends or family members intruding into your private space during study time? Would you say that the clutter in your area is distracting? Or are books and other study materials generally in their proper places within easy reach?

How to Build the Right Environment for studying

Let us start at home. Your study area can be your bedroom, or your office or a place in your house designated for study. It should fulfill certain characteristics.

A. quiet
If your TV is turned on, then that can serve as a distraction. It is wise to schedule your time for this separately from study time. If you are bothered by outside noise such as a lawn mower or the noise your siblings make, then you may have to ask other people to eliminate this noise for the time being.

B. organized with little clutter
Are your books and files sorted and placed in your area according to topics or sequence that they are to be used? Is your desk clear of personal items that do not contribute to helping you study?

To help you organize, you can mount a white board near your table, that shows the items that you need to cover, and make tick marks on those which you have already finished.

C. properly lit
Adequate lighting that does not create shadows in what you are reading will prevent eyestrain.

D. comfortable but not too much
Is your place at the right temperature, too warm, or too cold? Are you using a proper study table and upright chair or reclining on the couch with your favorite throw pillow while reading?

E. limited access to others
Unless you are engaged in group work, then it makes sense to limit or even prohibit the entry and exit of people in your study area. Your mom peeping in to tell you it is time for dinner is fine, but your sister flopping on your bed to tell you about her latest exploits is not helpful at this point.

If there is no suitable study area in your home or you would like a change of venue, then there are other places to consider.

1. Library
One of the best places to study, this place is generally quiet and you will have easy access to most things you will need in studying, including Wi-Fi. Also, being surrounded by people bent on studying forces you to focus on the topic at hand.

2. Internet café
You may prefer to study here because of the access to Wi-Fi as well as the unending supply of different kinds of coffee and tea. Or you may just enjoy the smell of coffee without necessarily consuming cups of it. The internet café is also a place where you can meet with other students for group work.

3. Your classmate’s house or study area
You can shift venue by studying with your classmate or group mate in his or her house, on the premise that the study area meets the criteria of being a quiet place, free from clutter, properly lighted and free from distractions.

4. The park
If being surrounded by trees and nature in general gives you a sense of peace and refreshes you, then the park can be a good place to read or work with group mates. Be aware though of your safety and that of your belongings.

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