Class Policies

Class Policies

English Classes

Classroom Expectations:

I am firm but fair, and I expect good behavior from each student.

  • Respect your fellow students.  Do not talk when someone else has the floor.  Feel free to courteously share your ideas with the class.  We all learn from each other. 
  • No question asked sincerely is ever a dumb question. 
  • The test day for the English department is Tuesday with Monday as the alternate day.  Quizzes can be given on ANY day. Please write all quiz and test dates in your student planner.   
  • Class begins with the ringing of the tardy bell.  Please be in your seat before the tardy bell begins to ring. You will be marked tardy otherwise.  If a student is at school, he/she is expected in my class. 
  • Have notebook/quiz paper and pen ready to write when the bell rings. Most days begin with a short "bell activity" you should quietly start as soon as you are seated. Check the overhead or board for instructions. 
  • Bring supplies to class EVERY day.  Failure to comply will earn one a daily grade of 0.  If failiure to bring supplies becomes a habit, you will further be penalized with a before or an after school detention (25 minutes) with the teacher.
  • Written assignments are due at the beginning of the assigned class.  Late work will be penalized one letter grade each day it is tardy. 
  • The grade you EARN is the grade you will see posted.   Do not ask me to give you points at the end of the grading period.  You will have every opportunity to EARN your grade. 
  • Absences are your responsibility and thus the work you missed while out.  Do not expect me to remind you to make up your work.  Work missed for a school function will be due the day the student returns to school. 
  • Make up work should be placed in my hands to eliminate any problems. 
  • Tests and quizzes missed due to excused absences must be made up on the Tuesday following your absence.  A make-up session is held in my classroom, Room 112, every Tuesday, beginning at 3:25 p.m. You have only 1 week in which to make up any missed quizzes or tests. After that time, a zero will be entered into the computer as your grade for the quiz or test.
  • Please attend to personal needs before you come to class.  This includes restroom visits, locker visits, grooming, and drinks of water. You will be given two emergency passes each quarter. If unused at the end of the quarter, each of these passes may be turned in for 5 bonus points. If you lose your emergency passes, they will not be replaced. 
  • Dress code is in effect in Room 112 at all times.  Violation is viewed as insubordination. 
  • Hardback textbooks must be covered at all times.   
  • English class time is not available for homework completion or studying of other subjects.  Should I find you working on material for another class, I will collect it and dispose of it.  

I will not tolerate off color, lewd or insensitive remarks.  You are here to learn. 


  1. Two ink pens (black or  blue ink pen AND a red pen
  2. A red pen for in-class correcting
  3. Textbooks: check your student planner to see which texts are needed for each day
  4. Highlighters (blue, pink, green, yellow) for editing essays (keep in locker until needed)
  5. Three ring binder with dividers and notebook paper


Grades are based on a total points system:

  • Tests are generally worth 200 points each
  • Vocabulary quizzes are worth 50 points
  • Essays are generally 100 point assignments
  • Reading comprehension quizzes are worth either 25 or 50 points
  • In-class activities may be worth 10-20   points
  • Notebook checks are worth 30 points
  • Special Projects can be worth up to 200 points
  • Daily Work/Participation: worth 100 points each quarter. Students all start out with the full 100 points and can lose points in 5 point increments for each time they have an unexcused tardy to class, come without texts, paper, pens, or supplies, or behave disruptively.

Tentative Test and Quiz Schedule:

Vocabulary Quizzes: scheduled for Wednesdays

Unannounced Quizzes: could happen any day of the week over current topics

Tests: scheduled for Mondays or Tuesdays and announced one week in advance. Please write all test dates in your student planner.

Please keep your student planner up-to-date. Quiz and test dates may change due to variances in the regular school schedule.

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