Essay Conference Sheet Sample

Student Conference Sheet Sample

Name: Joe Dorfaux

Definition as Example Essay Compare/ Contrast Essay Classification/Division Essay
1. proofread for run-sentences and correct 2. make sure topic sentences tie-in to thesis 1. proofread for run-on sentences and correct 2. experiment with leads in introductory paragraph 1. conclusion paragraph needs to do more t han restate thesis. Reword and take more time to hammer home argument. 2. proofread for clear pronoun references
Persuasive Essay Argumentation Essay Literary Analysis Essay 1: “Yellow Wallpaper”
1. thesis must be arguable with a strong opinion. Take next one to peer revision group and survey them 2.activate verbs 1. Activate Verbs !!!! Passive slows down writing 2.Experiment with at least two leads for next essay 1. Re-read story and highlight a number of quotations before selecting ones for essay. 2. quotation integration - no more dropped quotes
Analysis of a Tragedy: Macbeth Poetry Explication 1 Literary Analysis 2: Critical Approach
1. cite play lines (3.2.56-67)
2. did I believe my thesis enough to argue it ?
3. deal with the run-ons !
Saying Goodbye Essay Research Paper Multimedia Essay Presentation

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