Decision Paper

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 Decision Paper

“Our lives are determined by decisions we make, one after another, large and small.  And every so often, we make a choice - sometimes carefully, sometimes casually - that yields life-altering results, its benefits rippling through our lives for decades.  Years later we may look back and realize, That was the best decision I ever made.  Was it a conscious calculation, or was it largely a matter of luck, fate, or serendipity?”    -- Glenn Plaskin

For this assignment, look up the definition for “decision” in at least one dictionary.  Then, thinking about what a “decision” is, choose a decision you have made in your life and explain why you made that particular choice.  You might want to explain the benefits or downsides to this decision as you evaluate the impact it has made on your life.


short introductory paragraph of 2-3 sentences) with an attention-getting first sentence and a thesis (statement with a subject and an opinion) at the end of the introductory paragraph.  Questions make weak attention-getting first sentences.

short concluding paragraph (2-3 sentences) which reinforces your thesis and, in essence, answers the question, “So what?” in regards to the information you so carefully presented in the opening paragraphs.

2-3 body paragraphs, fully developed.  For each body paragraph, write a strong, distinct topic sentence and offer 2 or 3 concrete details.  Each concrete detail should have 2 sentences of further explanation, commentary, opinion, or elaboration.  For example, a body paragraph might look like this:

  • topic sentence (with a subject and an opinion that ties back to thesis
  • concrete detail or point #1
  • commentary sentence
  • commentary sentence
  • concrete detail or point #2
  • commentary sentence
  • commentary sentence
  • transition sentence to next paragraph

This illustrates an 8 sentence fully developed body paragraph.  Your body paragraphs should run 7-8 sentences, also.

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