Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels

"Satire is a sort of glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own."
Jonathan Swift

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Gulliver’s Travels Study Guide
for the 1996 film

Book 1

The story of Dr. Lemuel Gulliver begins......

1. What is satire?

2. What does Swift’s story satirize?

3. What is the woman in white being pressured to do at the beginning of the film?

4. What is in the small bag the lady in white is given?

5. What causes the lady (Mary Gulliver) to investigate the barn?

6. What does the strange man (Dr. Lemuel Gulliver) in the barn say when we first meet him?

The flashbacks begin...get ready for the story to switch between settings....

Adventure 1

7. The man seems to have a flashback to which place?

8. What do the 2 beach combers find one day?

9. What do the small people, the Lilliputans do to the giant Lemuel Gulliver?

10. The Lilliputan soldiers first believe that Gulliver is a what?

11. How long has Gulliver been gone from home?

12. Who do the soldiers think has sent the giant?

13. How do the Lilliputans transport Gulliver?

14. Evaluate the emperor as a ruler. Whose advice does he rely on?

15. Why are Bigenders the enemies of the Lilliputans? What is the origin of their feud?

16. For what purposes do the Lilliputans learn “leaping and creeping”?

17. Compare the Lilliputans’ form of government to Englands ’. Is it better or worse? How?

18. Who now owns Lemuel and Mary’s fine house? Why?

19. Where does Dr. Bates want to take Gulliver?

20. How does Gulliver prove to be a hero to the Lilliputans?

21. After Gulliver embarrasses the empress (by extinguishing the fire), how does the king consider punishing him?

22. How does Gulliver hide from the Lilliputan army while trying to escape?

23. How does Gulliver make a raft?

24. Where does Dr. Bates take Gulliver? How does he convince him to go?

Adventure 2

25. What is unusual about the land of the Brobdingnags?

26. Who finds Gulliver?

27. How does the family try to make money off of Gulliver?

28. Who purchases Gulliver, and how much does he sell for?

29. Who accompanies Gulliver after he is sold?

30. What position does the queen give to Gulliver?

31. How is he transported while he is at the palace?

32. What do you notice about the ruler of the Brobdingnags?

33. How do the Brobdingnags govern themselves?

34. Is this method of government better or worse than England ’s, or not comparable?

35. What do you notice about the place of science and education in the land of the Brobdingnags?

36. Why is the queen’s dwarf mean to Gulliver?

37. Where does Gulliver live while at the palace?

38. How old is Glumdalclitch, and how would you describe her relationship with Gulliver?

39. Why does Gulliver introduce gunpowder to the Brobdingnags, and how is this demonstration received?

40. What does Tom find in his father’s knapsack back home?

41. How does Gulliver defend himself against the wasps?

42. What happens to Gulliver one day while he is at the beach with Glum?

43. When the bird drops Gulliver, where do he and the box land?

Gulliver’s Travels Study Guide Part 2

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