How To Deliver A “High Distinction” Presentation

If you’re a student, then most definitely you’ll come across projects you then have to present in front of your teacher and classmates. They can be nerve-wracking, but when you have these three presentation skills, you’ll get by them with flying colors:


What’s the foremost requirement for any salesperson? It’s not actually looks, knowledge of the product, or even a business degree. It’s confidence. When you have it, you can sell anything. When you’re presenting, you’re making yourself a salesperson. Perhaps you’re not offering any concrete product, but you’re giving your audience an idea, principle, or belief that you wish they take in as a fact or a very strong opinion. If you cannot do that, then your presentation is a complete mess and utterly useless.


One of the common mistakes a lot of presenters make these days is to forget about the time. Your audience have a very limited attention span. In fact, right after 10 minutes, their minds start to wander off, preventing them from absorbing any more important information. Make sure you can limit your presentation for around 5 to 10 minutes to prevent your guests from feeling very bored.

Understanding of the Subject

If you check out presentation guidelines both online and offline, you’ll encounter tips like “Bring cue cards” or “Take down notes and memorize them.” They are all helpful, but there’s a more effective technique and a better shortcut: understand what you’re talking about. When you comprehend it by heart, you can discuss it flawlessly even without the use of cue cards, and you can answer questions quickly and confidently.

Tactics for delivering a strong presentation:

How do you ensure you don’t bore your audience during your presentation? Here are 3 tips:

1. Create a powerful visual aid.

Visual aids are just as important as the subject. Based on studies, the audience are able to absorb the information more effectively if they get to experience it as well—that is, their senses such as their eyes are at work. These days visual presentations don’t have to be limited to Microsoft PowerPoint. You already have apps and tools such as Prezi to help you create beautiful, animated, and engaging presentations.

2. Study the subject religiously.

Even if you have the most cutting-edge presentations in the world, your efforts are worthless when you don’t really know what you’re talking about. You don’t have to be a Toastmaster before you can be a great speaker. You simply need a deeper understanding of your topic you can discuss it with hardly any dead air and stutter. Moreover, you can answer questions posed to you with great ease.

3. Talk with conviction and confidence.

If you have been checking out TED Talks, you’ll discover that even if some of the subjects are plain nonsense, they are still getting views. The reason? The presenters always talk about their subjects with confidence and conviction. When you have these two, you can actually sell any idea and many will still buy it. If you’re a very shy person, then confidence will not come easy, but with constant practice and feedback from people you trust, you’ll surely build it up.

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