How To Deliver A Speech To A Class

To have a strong speech is more than having good delivery. It also demands the right combination of emotion, persuasion, and interaction.

Practice, practice, practice.

As they say, practice makes perfect. Even veteran media speakers, like those you see on TV, still tinker with their cue cards and talk in front of the mirror or in a choice crowd to determine how they deliver. Practice allows you to determine where to pause, what movements to make, how to seamlessly move from one paragraph to another, and even how to end or begin your speech. If you’re using a visual aid, you can acquaint yourself with it during your practices.

Create drama.

Whether it’s stomp of the foot to express anger, a fist in the air to persuade or a downward cast to display sadness, drama gives more emotions to any speech, even if it’s the most boring one. Drama isn’t included just to downplay facts; in fact, it should not be your goal. What you want to do is to add human emotions into your speech so your audience can relate and feel as if they’re one with your or the speech is for or about them.

Interact with your audience.

You don’t have to personally go down the stage or let your audience physically participate in your speech. You can simply look them straight in the eyes while talking, add jokes or anecdotes to elicit laughter, and get them to do something at the end of your speech, either leave with a light heart or reflect on your message.

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