How To Overcome Study Block

What is a study block? It’s actually a condition or a scenario wherein no matter how hard you try, no information gets into your head. It’s like you’re basically eating food without digesting it. In the end, you’ll have no use of what you’ve eaten. For any student, this block is dangerous since they may not be able to answer their exams well and may lead to failures in subjects. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to deal with it:

1. Know the root cause of the block. Is it because you lack sleep? Do you feel constantly stressed? Are certain personal problems preventing you from thinking properly? Once you get to the bottom of the cause, you’ll be able to more effectively address the block.

2. Find your productive hours. We all have a biological clock, and within that 24 hours, we have a certain period where we feel the most energized, motivated, or inspired. For instance, it’s possible that you are more active during the early morning hours than in the afternoons. Productive hours can vary from person to person, so you need to find yours. Needless to say, if you get to find it, it will be much easier to find the energy to study you may no longer need several cups of coffee.

3. Clear your mind. We all have problems to bear, and we all undergo certain levels of stress. You can always relax first and find the best time to study, but just in case you don’t have such luxury, practice some meditation to help clear your mind and bring your focus to the lessons.

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