Evaluating Journals

Evaluating Journals

Scale Comments
0-3 ____ No response

____ Response off topic

____ Your response is too brief, more time must be invested
4-5 _____I am not certain that you've read the entire assignment.

____ Your ideas are presented in a random, difficult-to-follow manner

_____You see few "connections and make no "discoveries"
6-7 _____It is obvious that you have read the entire assignment.

_____You have met the basic journal requirements; effort is evident.

_____You have discussed the main issues in this selection.

_____You include references to specific details in the assignment.

_____Your ideas are logically presented.

_____You've "connected" this assignment with other readings, discussions, ideas, etc.
8 - 10 _____You have read the assignment with insight and understanding.

_____Your response goes well beyond basic requirements..

_____Your examination of the writer's ideas is thoughtful and thorough.

_____You've synthesized specifics into an original response.

_____Your ideas are clearly and forcefully presented.

_____Your "discoveries" reveal a higher understanding of this material.

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