Proper Ways to Take Notes When Reading

When studying for an important exam, the best way to get all those major points in your textbooks is to write them down. Simply reading your textbooks or notes may not be an effective way of retaining information unless you are really good in memorizing. By writing down those major keywords, you are making sure that your brain retains these information.

Begin by reading the textbook and jotting down quick notes on the side and then summarizing those notes you have made in your notebook or paper. If you have any questions or particular objections on any of the topics you are reading, it is better if you also write it down. You can follow up on your questions as you read your textbook.

Summarize all those notes that you have written down. You can just use a freestyle paragraph or you can make charts for a more organized summary.

As mentioned before, you should always follow up on any questions you have. This will give you a better understanding of what you are reading. If you find the answers, do not forget to write it down.

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