Saturation Paper

 Saturation Paper

In your groups, brainstorm a list of names of famous individuals who interest you for one reason or another.  Share names with rest of class and compose a whole class list.  Keeping these names in mind, consider the parameters of the research project you will tackle.

   Your paper will focus on one particular moment in the life of a subject you choose.  Describe what your person looks like, identify and describe where he or she is, and explain what is going on at the time.  Include, through interior monologue, what your character is thinking during this moment.  Document all material obtained from research utilizing appropriate MLA format.   

   Possible organization plan for paper:

  •  description of the setting

  • description of the action in the setting

  • introduction of the famous person

  • interior monologue of the person's thoughts

   You are attempting to capture one minute or so in the life of your subject.  There is no minimum or maximum paper length.

   You will need a minimum of three sources, one of which must be a book.  This will be your independent book for this quarter.

   All notes will be taken in a journal you will keep throughout this process.  All papers must be peer edited by a writing group and teacher edited before you put your final draft on your web page.




Thanks to Jan Bowman  and Pat Schulze  for this assignment

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