The Scarlet Letter Scandal Project

                    The Scarlet Letter Scandal Project

Choose a person who has been shunned by society and/or history or who has been involved in a scandal.  Decide which "letter" they should wear as a result.  A partial list of people is provided below this student sample.  Be ready to present your mini-poster to the class.

                                            Student Sample



  Born Camilla Shand, on July 17, 1947, in London, Prince Charles’ companion was educated in London, Switzerland, and France.
         “Milla,” as her friends call her, met Charles in the early 1970s, and their friendship grew into a romance.  Thinking that the Prince would never marry her, Milla married someone else in 1975 and had two children.
         But her friendship with the Prince endured, deepened even, and Camilla became a constant in his life, even after his wedding in July 1981 to Lady Diana Spencer. After it was revealed that the fairytale marriage was not without its difficulties, Charles and Diana announced their separation in December 1992. Camilla, still a trusted member of the Prince’s inner circle, offered Charles the support and comfort he could find nowhere else.  After Diana’s death, Prince
  Charles began appearing in public with Milla.  Will they ever marry? 

For now, Milla wears an “M” for “MISTRESS.”                                


Camilla Parker Bowles

Partial List of Infamous People Who Were Shunned or Tainted by Scandal


1.      Adolf Hitler (Germany)

  2. Karl Marx (German)

  3. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Russia)

  4. Ruhollah Khomeini (Iran)

  5. Marie Antoinette (France)

  6. Genghis Khan (China)

  7. Emperor Hirohito (Japan)

  8. Josef Stalin (Russia)

  9. Benito Mussolini (Italy)

 10. Rudolf Hess (Germany)

 11. Heinrich Himmler (Germany)

 12. Paul Joseph Goebbels (Germany)

 13. Kaiser Wilhelm II (Germany)

 14. Ho Chi Minh (N. Vietnam)

 15. Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines)

 16. Francisco Franco (Spain)

 17. Nikolai Ceausescu (Czechoslovakia)

 18. Rasputin (Russia)

 19. Maximillien Robespierre (France)

 20. Judas Iscariot (Palestine)

 21. Al Capone (USA)

 22. Lee Harvey Oswald (USA)

 23. Jack Ruby (USA)

 24. Kim Sung (N. Korea)

 25. Antonio de Salazar (Portugal)

 26. Salvador Allende Gossens (Chile)

 27. Billy the Kid  (USA)

 28. Hideki Tojo (Japan)


29.   Osama Bin Laden (Afghanistan)

30.  Blackbeard

31.  Fidel Castro (Cuba)

32.  Mu’ammar Qaddafi  (Libya)

33.  Mao Tse-Tung (China)

34.  Idi Amin 

35.  Jesse James (USA)

36.  John Wesley Hardin (USA)

37.  Butch Cassidy (USA)

38.  Bonnie and Clyde (USA)

39.  John Gotti (USA)

40.  Unabomber  (USA)

41.  O.J. Simpson (USA)

42.  Marilyn Manson  (USA)

43.  Manuel Noriega  (Panama)

44.   Monica Lewinsky  (USA)

45.  Sloboda Milosevic ( Yugoslavia)

46.  Eric Rudolph (USA)

47.  Mike Tyson (USA)

48.  Robert Downey, Jr. (USA)

49.  Gary Condit (USA)

50.  Vanessa Williams (USA)

51.  Tonya Harding (USA)

52.  Michael Jackson (USA)

53.  Andrea Yates (USA)

54.  Darva Conger (USA)

55.  Linda Tripp (USA)

56.  Neil Bush (USA)

57.  Camilla Parker Bowles (Great Britain)


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