Taking Breaks When Doing Piles of Homework

There are days when your teacher assigns piles of homework and it can be tiring if you do them all in one day. It is always a good idea that you take a break once in a while when doing these long homeworks.

Taking a break after each hour of intensive homework is reasonable. However, it is not okay if you take a break every fifteen minutes. If you take your breaks every fifteen minutes, you are just prolonging the amount of time to do your homework and it would lead to procrastination.

Give yourself a break schedule and stick to it. Your self-discipline will be tested and your ability to follow your own rules.

If you have a very long homework, you can break it down into smaller and more manageable tasks. By doing this, it would be easier for you to assign your breaks.

If you want to make it more organized, you can set a timer which will go off on your break time. This will help you avoid looking at your clock every now and then for your break.

When taking breaks, you are giving your mind and your body a much needed break. Walk around or stretch yourself just to keep your blood flowing and alive. This is also a good idea if you are finishing your homework late at night. Break time is also your chance to get some snacks or go to the bathroom.

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