English Teacher Resources

Sources for Language Arts Teachers 

Name of Catalog What They Sell Price
Applied Practice Advanced English Literature and Language Exam practice booklets written for novels frequently appearing on AP English exams.   SAT Format Titles also available.  Constructed well. Reproducible for individual classroom use.    $34.95
Glencoe Literature Free study guides for teachers to use with a long list of classics   FREE


Learning Links

Novel study guides.  I really like them for  grades 1--12 but  they contain no tests or quizzes



Novel Units   

Novel study guides for all grades; K-12

I always purchase the student packets only.   Student packets contain handouts, vocab. study guide questions, quizzes and tests.  Graphic organizer book also helpful.    

$9.95 for teacher guides

$11.95 for student packets


Teacher's Pet Publications

Huge 160 page study guides for grades 6-12; they come in a 3 ring notebook with quizzes, tests, chapter questions, vocab., writing ideas, and ready made learning games.  You'll need to add in challenges for honors and AP

At $24.95, a bit pricey, but you get a lot for your money.   She now has 8 CDs available with clusters of study guides on each one (British Lit, Shakespeare, etc.) CDs are $59 each.



McDougall-Littell has wonderful supplemental novels with “related readings.”  The $10.00 teacher “Sourcebooks” are study guides to supplement the “novels with related readings.” 



Holt, Rinehart, Winston

Good for  grades 6-12. If you can find the older ELEMENTS OF LITERATURE study guides from pre-1995 (no longer available from publisher) in a closet or filing cabinet at school, you'll find some of the best high school study guides.


Perfection Learning Corporation

Loads of novels and several types of novel study guides.  

Novel tests: $4.25
Novel study guides: $21.00 -$25.00


Sundance Publications

Sells books and novel study guides.   Tend to be a bit more creative and ask for more critical thinking  than most study guides.

Study Guides about$15.00


The Center for Learning

Excellent novel study guides but no chapter by chapter questions, usually.  Just great classroom lesson plans; essay questions, and okay test at end.  Work well with AP classes.



Teacher's Discovery "Gold Book"

Wonderful all-around catalog full of all sorts of goodies for English teachers including videos and audio tapes.

All ranges of prices.



Permaguides are comprehensive and aimed at developing reading comprehension. 

All sorts of paperback novels at not the best prices and novel tests for $3.00.  Permaguides are helpful if you are facilitating literature circles in the classroom.

Living Literature Teacher Guides (tests)  $3.00.  The Permaguides are about $24.00 but a good investment if you have “regulars” who need directed reading help with their novels.


Prestwick House

The downloadable teaching units are helpful and contain study questions and tests. A wide variety of novel teaching units are available.  Their new AP teaching units are excellent, but only 5 AP titles are currently available.

$29.00 each.

Jane Schaffer

Jane’s units are always a bargain.  AP-oriented with terrific resource material and excellent questions and essays. She tries to review ALL  the critical commentary on a novel before writing her guides.


Prentice Hall

Check the back of their language arts catalogs for their many novel study guides.  They can vary in quality, but offer essay ideas, study questions, and test ideas.

about $15.00

Class Act Press Film study guides and lots of teacher tips $18.95-$19.95

Jamestown Publishers


Offers reading comprehension materials that are interesting and helpful

$10.00 and up

Cambridge Adult Education

a variety of  reading and learning to read resources


prices vary

EPS: Educators Publishing Service, Inc.

offer a variety of reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, handwriting, and college entrance resources

prices vary

Recorded Books

books galore on tape

prices vary

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