10 Advanced Project Management Tips for Team Productivity

May 13, 2017

Project management is the biggest task that requires a lot of attention and skills. Successful project management is a complete package of planning, organizing, managing, implementing and securing various resources to get the successful objectives for the desired project. Management has a great responsibility on their shoulders by using their correct tools and philosophy. Success in project management processes falls into five appropriate groups:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and coordinating
  5. Implementing

advance project management tips

Project management is not an easy job and it gets divided into 10 important aspects:

  • lntegration
  • Time
  • Opportunity
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder Management

How to become a successful project manager? When will your project become successful? It will happen with time, effort, and when your team is happy. It is very important to look after that every team member should be comfortable while working. This will secure their productivity on personal level.

Thus, there are some important project management organization tips through which successful management can be executed.

  1. In the beginning of the project, it is important to make sure that there is a proper understanding between the stakeholders and you to determine about the successes of the project. Get all the approvals from the stakeholders, including the budget and timelines. 
  2. Make sure, that the client and the team should understand the limitations of the project.One can easily finish their task on time and within budget, as long as expectations are reasonable and genuine. This shows that how you are managing the project with proper execution.
  3. Track work of your team and makes sure that the work is going smoothly or not by implementing some tricks and unique ideas.Project management should look after at all the checkpoints, from the perspective of the client and from the viewpoint of the team.
  4. There are multiple tasks in a project so, get together human resources and other team members, and then assign the tasks accordingly. If there are tasks that seem not to be in the competence of your team, don`t hesitate to try some extra help from Edubirdy professionals. No one should feel burdened but everyone should do his or her job.Assign the task according to their capability because wrong assigning can lead to wrong work that can have a bad impression.Ensure that every team member knows what is expected from him or her and what will be their timeline. However, try to clarify their queries and motivate them to ask as many questions as they can. Communication can only make things go in the right direction. 
  5. Being a project manager, do not let anyone feel that you are dominating your team member over your position.Being a coach, it is your responsibility to get the best work from your team member and mentor them in the appropriate direction. Try to become a calm and sure leader to your team and always support your team when they need you the most. 
  6. Moreover, while deciding the work plan you might get awareness about the risk factors, so it is always advisable to make the contingency and effectiveness plans for that span of time.Being a leader of the project, you should know that when things have started moving towards the failure point. Always remain prepared with some alternative program. Try to give more examples to your team member so that things can work more effectively. 
    increase Team productivity tips
  7. Try to be flexible; do not become too rigid in the way you work. Understand that you can only seldom work completely uninterrupted on a task until it is completed – usually, you will be disrupted in some way, and you ought to be prepared to down tools when you deal with whatever comes up.If you have to leave the work for a day or two, there is little or nothing that can be done about that. Get back to the project as soon as possible and the disruption will be minimal. Particularly if there are others working on different areas of it at the same time. 
  8. Always make sure that you deliver your project on time.Delivery of the project is one of the most important components because a stakeholder can be any individual, organization or any group who is expecting their work to be done on the given timeline.If work does not get to be completed on time, then that whole organization has to face the losses from that desired program. It is a responsibility of the project manager to get high-quality work from team.
  9. Communication is another important task that should be done appropriately and this only makes you more confident towards your task. It is only the project manager is a knot between the organization and the team members.A project manager should ask and clear all the aspects. What are clients expecting and what work they want from your end? Communication is the most effective way to make things going smooth. 
  10. When the project has been completed, the manager or team leader conduct a thorough review of the whole project.Maintaining of closed projects is useful for future projects and for your reputation.  Always pinpoint what could have been done differently, what can be improved, and what can be done better next time. This will help to establish the best practices for the future.


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