10 Resume Tips to Help You Stand Out

June 19, 2022

It is difficult to find employment these days. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need an outstanding CV. As there are so many individuals competing for the same job, you must do all possible to make your CV stand out. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd. It will assist you in creating a resume that is professional and polished, and that best represents your talents and expertise. You’ll have the best chance of finding your ideal job if you take the time to follow these guidelines.

1. Start With A Strong Resume Objective Or Summary Statement

The first thing employers will notice on your resume is your resume objective or summary statement. It should be a bold, succinct statement that explains who you are, what you can provide, and why you should be hired. Make sure it’s well-written and effective because it’s the most crucial component of your resume. Incorporate terms from the job description into your resume aim or summary statement. Furthermore, the aim or summary paragraph on your resume should be suited to the position you are seeking for. Furthermore, you can always visit https://prepmycareer.com/what-accomplishments-are-you-most-proud-of/ for assistance with interviews.

2. Use Keywords

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Employers will pay attention to your resume if you include the proper keywords. In your CV, research the exact job you’re looking for and add the most relevant keywords. Perform some research about the position you’re looking for to determine the most crucial keywords and phrases. Include these in your resume’s aim or summary statement, as well as in the job history section. When employers are searching for applicants with your skills and qualifications, your resume will appear in the search results. Find out which terms are most relevant to the job you seek by using keyword research tools.

3. Highlight Your Accomplishments

Make sure to emphasize your achievements in your CV. This is what will distinguish you from other candidates with comparable qualifications. Include any honors or distinctions you’ve won, as well as any professional accomplishments. If you’ve been promoted or given more responsibilities at work, make sure to highlight it on your resume. Employers will see your successes as proof that you are a high-performing employee. It will also offer them an idea of what you are capable of in the position you are looking for.

4. Customize Your Resume

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It is critical to tailor your CV to each job application. This entails adapting the content and format of your resume to the job’s unique criteria. This demonstrates to employers that you have the essential abilities and credentials for the job and that you are serious about getting it. Many people make the mistake of sending the same resume to all of the jobs they apply for, which is a huge error.

5. Include a Cover Letter

In today’s employment market, including a cover letter with your resume is required. You may use a cover letter to introduce yourself to potential employers and explain why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. It’s also a chance to expand on your qualifications and explain why you’d be a good fit for the organization. Take the time to produce a well-crafted cover letter that will catch the attention of the employer. Make sure your cover letter is checked for any spelling or grammatical problems.

6. Highlight Your Skills and Experience

Make sure to emphasize your relevant talents and expertise for the position you’re looking for. If you have ten years of customer service experience but are applying for an accounting position, you do not need to mention all ten years of customer service experience on your resume. Instead, concentrate on the talents and expertise that will be most useful in the new job. This can assist employers to understand why you are qualified for the position, as well as make your resume briefer and easier to read.

7. Make Sure Your Formatting Is Easy To Read

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When an employer is examining a resume, they want to be able to access the information they need quickly and efficiently. If your CV is difficult to read or understand, the company is likely to move on to the next candidate. Use clear headers, bullet points, and white space to make your resume easy to read. It’s advisable to stay away from long blocks of text. Furthermore, you should pick a basic, easy-to-read typeface.

8. Use A Modern Resume Template

It is critical to stay up with the current trends in today’s world. Many businesses may reject resumes that do not appear to be current and professional. Use a resume template that is simple, clear, and easy to read. Make careful to stay away from gimmicky or flamboyant designs. Additionally, many companies may check your resume on their phone or tablet, so make sure it is mobile-friendly. This will offer you an advantage in terms of being able to prepare your resume appropriately for the ATS.

9. Use Bulleted Points

An employer is seeking certain information while reading a resume. Use bulleted points to make it easier for them to find what they’re searching for. This will aid in the organization of your thoughts and experiences in a manner that is simply consumable. Employers will be put off by your resume being written in paragraphs since it will be more difficult for them to access the information they need. Furthermore, paragraphs frequently contain non-essential material that should not belong on a resume.

10. Use Action Verbs

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Use compelling language and action verbs to make your resume more effective. Try words like “managed,” “produced,” or “oversaw” instead of “responsible for.” This can assist you to show companies what you’ve done in past employment and what you’re capable of. Additionally, utilizing appealing language will make your resume more fascinating to read, which is significant because employers sometimes have to scan a large number of resumes at once.


To summarize, the resume ideas listed above will assist you in creating a resume that stands out from the crowd. You’ll leave a lasting impression on potential employers if you follow these basic recommendations.

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