12 Tips for Finding and Choosing the Best Productivity Apps for Students

January 21, 2023

Our productivity is the sum of various factors. Our physical health, mental well-being, and emotional stability are the key ones here. But when one of these systems starts malfunctioning, we cannot fix the entire mechanism at once. Trying to balance all emotions immediately is like competing with the wind by breathing out.

Therefore, when it comes to “fixing” our productivity, it is necessary to break our main goal into smaller, measurable tasks. If you experience physical health issues, you should definitely address the doctor to sort them out. It is absolutely useless trying to achieve harmony with an aching wisdom tooth or infected stomach.

Once you figure out your physical health, you can move on to mental and emotional well-being. A lot of the time, students get stressed because of the deadlines for their essays. There is no real reason to get overwhelmed here. Use the help of the term paper writing service to give yourself more time for other things. You will immediately notice how much anxiety and stress evaporate.

If you look at jockeys, horses seem to be the logical continuation of their legs. Car racing drivers’ hands integrate with the steering wheel. Modern students without mobile phones in their hands? Never seen it.

This is a fact, so let us accept it. We cannot deny it. What we can do, though, is transform our phones from productivity killers into productivity boosters. How? Keep scrolling down to find out.

Defining The Apps You Need

Some of the applications we have are just garbage. We rarely or never use them; they only clutter our phones with constant updates. So, first of all, let us define which apps you really need as a student. Here are our top 4 suggestions:

  • essay writing apps
  • apps for finding housing
  • money-saving ones
  • self-development and creativity apps

This list is not limited to these four options; you can edit and personalize it. But we did a thorough research and came to the conclusion that most students need these categories. Let us take a closer look at each of them. This article will provide valuable tips for choosing the best productivity apps.

Essay Writing

Every student needs these apps. But how can one be confident that they will improve the paper and not make it worse? Here is a check-list for you:

  1. Go for the names at the top of your search. They are usually the most reliable ones, and they sound familiar. Grammarly comes first on the App Store. EssayPro won’t be long to come, either.
  2. If the app you like has a premium version, buy it. It does not cost much, but it normally opens up great opportunities. In Grammarly, you can check out clarity and conciseness for free, but you should go Premium for engagement and delivery,
  3. Always remain critical, even with your favorite apps. It does not matter how advanced their artificial intelligence is. They are still machines that do not always understand puns or deliberate misspellings for humorous purposes.

Stress-Free Housing Options

You may live in a college dorm or with your parents during your university years. But most students need to find an apartment to live in at some point. How can you do that productively, i.e., without wasting time and money? We have got some ideas for you:

  1. Clearly define your niche. Do not type general phrases like “apartment rent.” Be more specific. As a student, you are very likely to be on a budget, so “student housing” will be much better.
  2. Go for the apps that have the Live Video Tour as a feature. You can understand whether you like the interior of the apartment without leaving your current place of living. So why waste time?
  3. Make sure that the app has a blog. This will help you to read people’s reviews about the best places in the new area without googling (which can sometimes be time-consuming).

Money-Saving Saving

Money is a tool for achieving productivity. To be efficient, we need to switch from time to time. We should have an opportunity to:

  • go on holiday
  • recreate
  • meditate with our favorite aroma candles

All these activities require money (hotels, tickets, and candles are not free). Luckily, you can rely on some free money-saving apps. How can you choose the right ones? There you go:

  1. Identify why/where you waste a lot of money. Then eliminate this reason with the appropriate program. Let us say you like to shop online a bit too much. Check out Capital One Shopping – you will be impressed.
  2. Get some apps that identify your financial priorities and do not let you exceed the budget.
  3. Get an app that organizes and groups your expenses. Perhaps, it will help you to become more organized as a student.

Self-Development and Creativity

This is probably the best and the worst category at the same time. Why the best? Because the right creative apps can help you achieve a high level of productivity. And why the worst? Because the offer on the market is huge, it is easy to get lost when you are searching. Luckily, we have some tips for finding the best options exclusively.

  1. You know what inspires you better than anyone else. Make your search request specific, and you will find what you need within seconds.
  2. Make sure you have at least one app for each: your body, brain, and soul. Each aspect deserves your attention. So “feed” your muscles with Down Dog, your convolutions with Duolingo, and your inner self with something you download after reading the first tip.
  3. If you include games in this category, set limits for how long you can play daily.

Final Tip

Hopefully, this article inspires you with some new ideas for achieving productivity. One last tip before you leave this page. Do not let the apps steal all your free time, no matter how good they are. If you cannot manage it yourself, it is time to download some app blockers!

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