4 of the Best Careers if You’re Thinking About Retirement

June 2, 2023

Early retirement from working life is something that we often consider but are not always clear about deciding on a key factor: personal finances. If you want to create a good savings base to cover your needs and those of your family without working more than you already do, pay attention to this article.

Below, you will discover essential data and information to choose a career that guarantees your long-term financial stability. Here are four high-paying jobs that will help you with early and successful retirement.

The Best Highest-Paying Jobs to Retire Early: In Detail

Lawyers and Judges

  • Retirement age: between 62 and 65
  • Average annual salary: $103,267

Lawyers and judges are professionals with stable and substantial remuneration for their services. You can work in federal courts and offices, law firms, or offer private services. One of the advantages of self-management is the system’s independence for your retirement plan.

A lawyer and judge can save about $870,000 for retirement. As a lawyer, you will assume the defense of your client’s rights and criminal or civil due process in the face of any legal problem. As a judge, you will offer impartial and objective decisions during trials to determine the innocence or guilt of citizens.

Police and Detective

  • Retirement age: 62
  • Average annual salary: $63,400

Various surveys in the United States show that at least two-thirds of the police and detectives union have the intention to retire early. In addition, this job has one of the highest levels of confidence among professionals who expect to achieve financial stability with their salaries as police officers.

The main responsibility of this job is to lead security teams for the benefit of public order. A career as a police officer or detective offers a high level of savings. According to estimates, on average, police build a retirement fund of about $400,000. Without a doubt, this is one of the highest-paid public service jobs in public administration. Leadership and courage are crucial skills in these job interviews.


  • Retirement age: 65
  • Average hourly salary: $57.35

Most pharmacists plan for early retirement. The high income of their job allows these professionals to protect their finances in the long term. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry offers some of the best salaries in America. According to estimates, the savings capacity of a professional in this area exceeds $760,000.

The main roles of a pharmacist are to prepare and organize drug prescriptions, verify dosages, and prevent harmful interactions between pharmacy drugs. In addition, you will guide patients in properly using medications in any situation.

Electricians, Electric Power Installers, and Repairers

  • Retirement age: 65
  • Average hourly salary: $22.89

Statistically, a fifth of the working population in the electricity sector plans an early retirement. The hourly wage for this job remains high compared to other technical areas, such as electrical engineering. According to estimates, the savings capital that an electrical professional can accumulate exceeds $360,000.

The main duties of an electrician are to offer precise technical attention to any failure in the electrical system of homes, businesses, and public buildings. This is one of the main professions based on problem-solving for real-world problems. The job of an electrician is vital to the functioning of society.


Financial stability and professional recognition is the goal if you choose the right career. These jobs have a very high value and importance in modern society. Having purchasing power, learning valuable life skills, saving, and gaining personal growth are important goals. Choose an occupation and think about your future. You may want to consider a trade school or join one of the best coding bootcamps to gain skills for your future career.

About the Author Kyrie Mattos

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