5 Reasons You Should be a Self-Taught Master

April 20, 2017

In this modern century, as we are getting updated rapidly, and also the ease of capturing information and knowledge is increasing day by day. The world’s information is at our fingertips.

The majority of this world believes in formal education, but some people believe in Self Education. We can get information from wherever we want for example our digital device can be our ultimate tool for growth and self-education.

If we read books they can get outdated as stuff changes every day, so if we want to stay up-to-date. We can get the knowledge we want anywhere online and if we have to access every information of this world which is required for our specific tasks so why the Formal Education?

There are two types of education

  1. The formal education which we get in schools, colleges, and universities.
  2. Non-formal Education, which we can get independently.

All you have to do in order to self-educate is to avoid distractions from online education. You need to work on your discipline in order to remind yourself of the purpose of your work.

There are few habits one must adopt to really get started with the self-education and getting a master at any skill. For example, choosing the right environment, learning from different mediums, follow up on the references, study every day, talk to experts, join online communities of learners and methods, read well to write well and listen well to speak well, get updated with news, teach someone to get more questions, because according to my personal experience every obstacle is a chance to expand.

Make learning your actual lifestyle, listen to your skill-related podcasts, and always say YES to new experiences. Search for online courses and there are tons of websites online to choose from where you can get help related to you skills.

For example, meracalculator.com which offers solutions to your mathematical problems by providing different tools which makes it much easier and faster to get your answers within no time.

5 Reasons You Should Be A Self-Taught Master Are:

  1. You Don’t Need to Go to School to Get The Education:

Experience of becoming a self-taught master is quite different from formal education and it’s not even as effective as the independent one.

It gives your life a direction, a meaning and most importantly the possibility to become a master at any skill whatever your heart or mind desires. It does not rob your psychological freedom like formal education. It costs very little or no money for invigorating, absorbing, inspiring, enlightening and captivating educational experience.

The Desire and curiosity are all that matters the most to be a self-taught master. We can get our knowledge from wherever we can, for example Public libraries are also a huge source of knowledge, and independent learning is a journey that requires great commitment. If you can provide what it requires, you are good to go.

2. Formal Education Makes You Less Productive:

Passion, drive, and curiosity to learn about everything rather than specific limited subjects makes it a boring and less fun way to study.

It will keep you actively thinking and motivated to learn. But formal education gradually evaporates the creativity, power of thinking, researching skills, reasons for what and why we are studying as it is limited to some point. It imposes pressure on you and robs all of your time by their extra activities.

Also, it creates immense amounts of stress and prevents you from becoming an intelligent, inquisitive person as the famous physicist Albert Einstein was recorded saying “one had to cram all this stuff into one’s mind” whether one liked it or not, while Independent education or being self-taught master opens up more ways to be successful and gives more reasons of what we are doing.

3. You Don’t Need A College Degree to Earn Six Figures:

Online learning turns you into an expert, if you actually study online and learn through people’s experiences. You can start consulting and can invest in Real Estate without a degree (or a Lot of Money).

There are still plenty of jobs that pay six figures without a 4-Year Degree. Student debt can crush your dreams especially if you don’t have saving or financial support from family or a sponsor.

By the time you are able to use your college degree, it will be useless. There are a lot of jobs out there which supports the idea of self-taught mastering like web design, desktop publishing, marketing, personal productivity skills, science, entrepreneurial skills, politics, computers, art, guitar-playing, world history, writing, even teaching and way more than you can think of.

The feeling of being independent and being able to learn whatever you want on your own is beautiful.

4. Wastage of Time And Money:

Self-Motivated learners not only win at life but also it helps you to really save a lot of money, which later you can utilize to make a source of income after learning a skill and landing a job after it or you can invest in a business to make a living.

But If you go for school and college, you will be asked to get overly-priced stuff to get the same education and 4-year college degree only is super costly for no apparent reason. And even students coming out of those expensive fancy colleges have no hands-on practical experience which makes them stand at a lower rank than a self-taught master, who has the experience, a lot of different knowledge about the skills and even extra knowledge about other stuff.

Only a person who has more time can indulge into extra activities, either they are an average student or self-taught master.

There are a lot of examples of people who have a self-taught background and carry a great image in society and have done great work and probably have better net worth than the school and college goers like Benjamin Franklin, author J.K. Rowling net worth: 700 Million (in times of 17’s) and then there is Mark Zuckerberg net worth: $74.4 Billion and Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University and has a net worth of $92.5 Billion and many more.

5. No Guarantee or Responsibility About the Future:

Thirty-nine percent of the worldwide poor have no formal education at all. The lack of attention on each student in schools for formal education is not even average which makes no difference and does not convince a person to not study on his/her own, they will be on their own either way.

You learn and work hard because you don’t want to but you have to, having the authority and be able to admit that you don’t know everything which you won’t learn in educational institutes, being able to take bigger risks since you’re not bound to follow a pattern will make you much more confident, which a school won’t guarantees.

The feeling of taking your own responsibility will leave you with a leadership in the future because you have been taking the charge of your own education the whole time. You can elevate your skills whenever you are ready for it. No waiting for everyone to join with you in that way, you will always be two steps ahead of the pack.

You will be more likely to finish what you start but formal education never teaches you how to earn money, how to live life, what to do when you face a problem, none of that ever helps in practical life anyway which never guarantees you a bright future but you know what does? Self-taught mastering!

Final Thoughts on Self-Taught Mastering

The human mind has a huge power that not all people understand. Most of us are happy enough with the education we get at school, but we can achieve much greater heights when we get out of those boundaries.

As Tom Bodett said: “The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson”

At the end of the day a teacher can only suggest and encourage the right path but again you are on your own. You can do all of that on your own as well if you have a burning desire of doing something nothing can stop you from getting that. Keep doing it until you get a full command on a specific skill, no college degree will make it easier for you.        

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