Benefits of Going to College in Another Country, and How to Finance It

September 15, 2021

According to the United Nations, “By the end of 2014, about 30 million young people will enter their prime working years in developing countries and another 10 million each year will enter their prime years in developed countries.” These students are entering a world of opportunities that they never knew existed before.

There are many benefits to studying and living abroad. You can gain valuable experience through interesting work while learning new languages and cultures. You can also save money on college tuition by going abroad instead of staying at home.

Benefits of Going to College in Another Country, and How to Finance It

1. Education

According to Ascent Funding, international student loans are “the only group of Australian lenders that don’t charge a foreign exchange margin on top of the overseas exchange rate.” Take advantage of education abroad programs by paying U.S. dollars, so you don’t get charged high foreign exchange fees. You can also receive student loan benefits from your country if available or job-related education benefits if you work while studying abroad.

2. Living in Another Country

If you live abroad, you will have a different perspective on your own country when you come back from your experience. You will be able to learn about international cultures and travel abroad while studying. If you work or volunteer while studying abroad, you can save money on accommodations.

3. Working Abroad

While living abroad, many students take advantage of the opportunity to earn money while they are studying. You could work as an au pair, babysitter, waiter, waitress, or hostel manager, depending on your chosen field of study. You may also use your English skills and language learning to get a job in the country where you study.

4. Save Money on College

If you choose to study abroad, you can pay less money for college tuition while still obtaining degrees, diplomas, or certificates by studying in countries like the United States. Canada and Australia are some other countries with low-cost college options.

Check out international student websites to see which schools abroad offer programs that will help you achieve your goals in college. Some programs allow students who have completed their degrees to return with the same benefits as nationals.

5. Gain Experience Abroad

Many students also choose to travel while studying abroad, allowing you to gain valuable work experience at the same time. You could use your experience to find a job or even help if you are invited to teach English or work in an international school.

6. Create Jobs for Your Family

Your family may also be able to benefit from your studies abroad, as you will have the opportunity to help them with your English skills and language learning through working. Babysitting, tutoring, and teaching are some of the jobs that parents can find for their children while they study abroad. These jobs will broaden their experience, keep you connected to your family and allow you to send money back home.

7. Travel While Studying

Another benefit of studying abroad is that you will be able to travel abroad while getting a degree. You could travel during your breaks from school and on an F1 visa, which allows you to work in the country for up to 20 hours per week. You can use your international student discounts to travel while earning money for college.


The opportunity to get a higher education and gain experience abroad makes studying abroad well worth the cost. You can also save money on tuition by studying abroad in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Some countries offer education scholarships to students who choose to study there.

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