Busting the Worst Admission Essay Myths

August 15, 2021

The application process is always stressful. Not only do you have to look for various colleges and learn more about their curricula and tuition, but you also must be aware of all the requirements to enroll in the course. Indubitably, applications vary from one institution to another. Yet, one element remains unchanged.

An entrance essay is an essential part of every application. Such essays help writers express themselves. In turn, the committee can get to know candidates through admission essays and decide whether they pertain to the course. This has caused many rumors about applications. In this article, we will debunk the most omnipresent myths about admission essays.

If your academic performance isn’t impressive, no one will read your admission essay

There is a popular myth that if you don’t stand out in a classroom, the committee will simply skip your admission essay. Indeed, academic performance has some weight on the admission officer’s final decision. However, we are all humans. The committee entirely realizes that students don’t have to reach academic highs to demonstrate their intellectual capabilities.

Moreover, the officers state that such papers are critical and revealing. “A student’s average plays no role in our evaluation of an essay and thus the entire application. Moreover, if a paper is excellent, but a student’s average is mediocre, we can give more points for the written part and increase an applicant’s chances of getting accepted,” states a part of a committee of the UCLA university.

Only candidates with the most exciting topics get accepted

This word of mouth often makes students hyperventilate. Many people think that no matter how well you write, you have zero chances if your paper isn’t about a unique topic. Expert writers that work with clients–including graduates–one-to-one report that common topics have higher chances of astonishing the committee. Take an admission essay about Costco. This paper got a high school senior into a dozen top-notch academic institutions. And if you review it, it is pretty straightforward in terms of a topic – a girl describing her visits to Costco. Yet, she was sincere and voiced her inner self, which allowed her to choose among top-tier universities where she wants to study in the long run.

Essays don’t play a pivotal role in an application process

Oh yes, they do. Numerous cases exist when admission essays eked out intense rivalry and let students get into their desired college. Usually, you can check the number of points you can score from every step, like an admission essay, an interview, tests, etc. Sometimes, though, such information might be absent, but it doesn’t mean an admission paper is disregarded. We would recommend thinking otherwise; that an entrance essay is significant to get into college. This will help you put in more effort in writing and produce an impeccable piece.

Admission essays with mistakes are rejected instantly

Spreaders of admission myths often say, “If your essay has a single mistake, your application is doomed to fail.” We all know that no one is perfect. We make mistakes without noticing them. Bold of you to assume that admission officers would require polishing every essay to shine. Of course, you have to perfect your written piece as much as possible, correcting all visible mistakes, taking care of a proper structure, and so on. But under no circumstances will anyone reject your candidacy because of some grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Undoubtedly, there are many more myths circulating on the Internet and among students. Some create fallacies; others debunk them. Given that admissions occur annually, we are likely to observe new legends popping up. And we can do nothing about it. What we can do is bust them again and again.

About the Author Prabhakaran

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