Roadmap to Become a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)

January 6, 2019

CMRP is one great credential for all the good reasons. From providing the individual a clear sense of direction toward their career. It helps improve a candidate’s visibility and recognition in the current organization. When your organization has proof of your global skills and ability you get more hiring and promotion chances.

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Let’s get a few things clear first, beginning with:


This one statement can explain it all: Only the best maintenance and reliability credential in the global market. The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) certification is no doubt the foremost qualification for gaining knowledge and skills for maintenance, reliability and physical asset management.

And that’s not all why this certification is so in demand. The globally recognizable organizations like ANSI and ISO certify this credential. Plus, the exam’s structure is one-of-a-kind with its five pillars defined by SMRP Body of Knowledge (BoK). These pillars are:

  • Business & Management
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Manufacturing Process Reliability
  • Organization & Leadership
  • Work Management

Each pillar contains knowledge an individual requires to excel in his career. Study Guides help you cover each of these pillars to address technical and “people” skills. These skills will help you not just passing the exam but in real-world practices as well.


Three are so many reasons why that one article wouldn’t be enough to detail them. That’s why I’ve to cover as much in the following list:

  • To validate your real-world knowledge and skills
  • For the advancement in your career.
  • To get more promotions and job opportunities
  • Because Professionals recommend it
  • It shows your employers your commitment, knowledge, and capability.
  • There are already over 5,000 CMRP certified individuals worldwide doing a better job and also earning better.
  • Quite a few employers find CMRP certification a necessary aspect for hiring.
  • You can continue to learn with SMRP webinars, workshops, and other educational sessions.

If this convinces you, this is about time to get your CMRP Practice Questions and start heading for the goal!


Subscribed to SMRP:

The first step you can take to make your road to success is easy is joining SMRP. For one being a member makes you eligible to attend their webinars, get papers, study materials and all for free. Second, if you think technically it doesn’t cost you. How? Because the exam fee for a non-member is $470 which is practically equal to $170/yr membership fee and $300 exam fee for members. Do the math!

Complete the ‘Body Of Knowledge’

Downloaded and read the Maintenance & Reliability Body of Knowledge, It’s only 19 pages! Unlike the PMBOK, MRBOK is totally something else. It contains all the content necessary with heading and short descriptions. Once you get the sense of the content shift to CMRP Test Practice Questions and you are good.

Look For Professionals Who Already Passed

Looking for help? Ask the professionals! As told earlier there are more than enough CMRP certifiers all over the world. Just look for the article and blogs where they share their journeys and you can get some really handy information.

Asked For Advice

Does look for resources of already passed professionals didn’t satisfy you? It’s ok, your next move is heading to forums like Reddit. There are numerous other online sites, forums, and communities that can solve your problem.

Find Good Study Resources

Lastly, it all comes down to finding an accurate and reliable resource. My recommendation is CMRP study material dumps like all every other professional you will find. People trust this site because it has a great reputation, is a reliable and latest CMRP resource and the rates are quite inexpensive, unlike other sites. Try them out yourself with the free demo and decide!

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