Distinctive Features of Admission to the State of Police in Different Countries of the World

January 21, 2022

The only thing that unites all those who want to become police officers in various countries of the world is the desire to resist evil and maintain peace and tranquility in the country. Further along, the path of admission to police academies and the preparation process is different in different parts of the world. Some countries adhere to established traditional norms, while others add unusual requirements for candidates who want to stand guard over law and order.

In this article, we will talk about the distinctive features of different countries for admission to the ranks of law enforcement officers.


In many countries, only ethnic citizens can become policemen. However, in this country, there are slightly different conditions. About 90% of the population of the United Arab Emirates is not indigenous. In this regard, foreign citizens who have moved to this country to live and work are recruited into the staff of police units.

Foreign citizens become police officers who perform various duties related to maintaining order. During recruitment, candidates must prove their physical superiority, written skills, pass oral examinations, and medical training.

In addition, every inhabitant of the planet knows that the police fleet includes only luxury cars. Because of this, driving skills are a must. Those who want to practice their driving skills in sports and luxury cars can rent a Bentley in Dubai. Also, car rental in Dubai offers a huge range of supercars on which you can test your skills before you try yourself as a police officer. Car renting in UAE, in general, is in great demand as rental services are truly high-level and prices are attractive.


Everyone who wants to join the ranks of the police must spend most of his time in the country. This means that for the previous 36 months, the applicant for the position must reside in the country. It is also about travel and vacations. If you traveled the world during this period or went to visit your friends in other countries, then the chance of success is greatly reduced.

Also, a distinctive feature is the absence of debts and financial obligations. Moreover, litigation in your personal history will play a negative role in your employment. This is because a person who is going to protect law and order cannot act as an unstable and unreliable individual.


First of all, each applicant for enrollment in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is required to complete a training course at the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy. The training and education course is more than six months, during which each applicant will get acquainted with the rules and regulations, and also prove his superiority among other candidates. After graduation, mobility becomes an important quality of a military officer, that is, you must be prepared for the fact that you can be sent to serve in any city and locality in the country.

There are certain conditions regarding the appearance of police officers. Your face should not have any holes for jewelry.


There are strict requirements regarding physical fitness as well as your appearance. The police force includes only citizens who are in their best physical shape. That is, if your body is your obstacle to work, then you are unlikely to enter the ranks of law enforcement.

The height of men should not be less than 157 centimeters, and women should be at least 137 centimeters. Moreover, your eyesight must be excellent.

United States of America

This country consists of a large number of states that have special conditions for candidates for police officers. In this regard, it is necessary to consider each state separately. However, the unique requirement that most states have is the ability to swim. You must be prepared to be in the water and swim long distances.


In addition to the desire to maintain peace and tranquility in the territory of your country, you must fulfill several requirements that are typical for the local police. Inability to comply with these requirements will be a failure on the path to building a career in law enforcement.

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