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September 12, 2021

It is the second decade of the 21st century and a high time to shift from traditional practices to modern solutions. If you are a huge fan of Microgaming, then it is time to move to virtual gaming. One such game powered by Microgaming software is the Mega Money Multiplier. The game certainly knows how to live up to its name.

There are a few special features of the game that might make it a little more interesting. Other than the classic 3 reel, the game also offers a re-spin trigger and a multiplier that acts as a Wild on the reels. Another best part about the Mega Money Multiplier is that, like most of the casino games, you have a high probability of earning Megabugs while playing this game.

Wondering what all things you will get while playing this game? Three Reels, Nine Pay Lines, Bar, and 7s Symbols, as well as big payouts. Trust me, when we say big payouts! Read further to know more about Mega Money Multiplier and its amazing features.

Mega Money Multiplier slot features

Before deciding whether the game is the right choice for you, it is important that you know all the features of the game. Read through the list and know more about the features of Mega Money Multiplier.

Simplest Online Slot Game

While the usual casino games have wilds, Mega Money Multiplier has something more for its pro gamers. Along with wilds, it has wild multipliers (might have guessed it from the name) and it has wild re-spins. Here are all the multipliers you will get in the game-

  • x2 Multiplier Wild- appears on all reels, and special
  • x3 Multiplier Wild – appears on reel 2 only
  • x4 Multiplier Wild – appears on reel 2 only
  • x5 Multiplier Wild – appears on reel 2 only

Wilds can be super helpful for the players to earn the jackpot. Firstly, there’s a re-spin for every two wild symbols on the center reel. Also, the re-spin will lock the center in accordance with the above multipliers. Secondly, here things get more interesting, if your random Wilds appear in the following scheme you’ll get your amazing jackpot: x2 multiplier on reels one and three, and an x5 multiplier appearing on reel two

Do you know why you’ll be drawn towards Mega Money Multiplier? This casino game is classic in itself. Gamers usually get attracted to this amazing game because of its simplicity.

Enjoy quick spins, recurrent payouts, and huge multipliers. As we said, its subtlety, plainness, and the ability to always provide an uncomplicated interface will suit you best.

The Money Lies in The 7 Symbols

7 has always been the ultimate number, and the same is the case with Mega Money Multiplier. Along with keeping the reels symbols to 7s, Microgaming has also kept the colors of BARs different. Although the match of 3 red-colored 7s lands you the biggest payout, there’s something even bigger than this. If you land a 5x multiplier, you’ll be awarded the highest prize in the game, which is £300. The ultimate Mega Money Jackpot.

Reel 2 is The Action Center

The usual 2x multiplier wilds can be landed on any reel, However, landing it on the 2nd reel unlocks the game’s momentous rewards. The 2nd reel is special for many other reasons. Not on a 2x multiplier, but numbers higher than this, like x3, x4, and x5 multipliers can also land you major wins.

With more than a single wild on the 2nd reel, you can boost the re-spin feature, which results in autonomous reel spin and that can easily help you gain more wins.

Unique Multiplier Combo In All 3 Reels Hits Jackpot

Reel 2 is the actual key for the jackpot of Mega Money Multiplier. Just one amalgamation of symbols can make your ultimate win possible and when it comes to reel 2, it only means landing the 5x multiplier.

Did you think that’s all? Nope. After getting the x5 symbol on the 2nd reel, the jackpot will only be released if the 1st and 3rd reel also land on an x2 multiplier. This is the one and only combination that will unlock your Mega Money Multiplier jackpot.

Mobile Real Money Games Are Entertained

The developers of Mega Money Multiplier haven’t missed the mobile users in this huge scene of Microgaming. In fact, the versatile display makes it a great option for players who love casino games on smaller screens.

The Mega Money Multiplier slot game has even been reviewed. And guess what? The tests show that the game has been perfectly optimized for mobile phones and similar handsets of older generations.

Get The Essence Of Old School Slots Gambling

Many people think that Microgaming is not a serious gaming scene, especially when it comes to saturated gambling. But, we choose to strongly disagree. A break from the ordinary slots and a shift towards Mega Money Multiplier online slots can be a great change for you. It will even brush your old skills. If you already have experience with slots gambling, then you are already a pro.

Polish all your “spin and play” basics and put the reels back in the center. We are sure you’ll be delighted with the simplistic appeal of Mega Money Multiplier.


People who love classic slot games will definitely love Mega Money Multiplier. The main reason why you will love playing this game is that you end up getting more payout wins without even waiting for a long time for a mere dead spin. We hope that all the features of Mega Money Multiplier gave you a better insight into the game. However, the wins are not any more than 500 times your stake, but the frequent payouts definitely make this game worth playing as well as your time.

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