How Aviator became the coolest gambling game ever made

September 7, 2023

The history of the crash game Aviator dates back to 2019. Today it is the most popular casino product, having gathered more than 10 million active users. Developers from the company Spribe reveal the secrets of its success.

A new look at gambling

The Aviator sensation is quite predictable. This game has become unlike any other. Slot machines, roulette, poker, and blackjack have completely different mechanics. Developers from the Georgian company Spribe managed to come up with their principles of gameplay, which immediately appealed to gamblers.

Now, the user does not need to press the button to start the game round independently. The rounds in the aviator game start automatically. In addition, the user can not participate in the round. It does not affect his chances of winning in any way.

For example, in the same slots, the user must spin every spin. The longer he is in the game, the higher the probability of winning. In Aviator, this mechanic breaks down, and the user can win even if he enters the game after 100 rounds.

Open round statistics

An important element of Aviator’s game mechanics was statistics. For example, slot machines can not see what coefficients the random number generator stopped last time. The user will have to record these values himself.

Imran Kumar confirms the importance of statistics: “This game seems simple, but in the apparent simplicity hides a complex analytical work. To play Aviator, the player has to bet on which level the airplane will fly to. After betting, it takes off and continues to move on an increasing curve, but it can collapse at any second”.

In Aviator, the statistics are opened in a special section. The user can look at three parameters at once:

  • Personal bets. Here, the player will see how he played the last round. It already helps to understand how the random number generator works, which, by the way, is predictable.
  • Results of other players. You can see the history of rounds for the last few hours. Professional gambler John Harrison claims that this allows you to guess not small multipliers but large coefficients. Professionals can guess the exact x200 payout.
  • Top Winnings. Here, the provider fixes the largest payments Aviator. For several years of existence, the corncracker rose to a height of 1000 and higher.

Statistics can be analyzed in different ways. In addition, today, there are even special calculators honed for this crash game.

Lack of bonuses

Almost every casino game has bonuses. However, Spribe has come to abandon the prize mechanics. Such an extreme decision did not bode well. Even newcomers to casinos know that most players try to choose slot machines with many prize symbols.

The lack of bonuses is compensated by the fact that the provider gives freedom to gambling club operators. The administration of the online casino can independently come up with crash game promotions. In the top online clubs, as confirmed by customer reviews, Aviator can use gifts for deposits, promo codes for no-deposit bonuses and complimentary points that are issued for active visitors.

Autonomous gameplay

New players at Aviator often lose a lot. It happens because the user tries to close two bets simultaneously in manual mode. Offline gameplay implies the presence of an auto-cashout option. Dr. Cassandra Bennett, Casino Game Analyst, insists that this is the main discovery in this crash game.

The essence of this feature is that the user can determine in advance at which position the bet should be calculated in his favor. If the gambler has learned from the statistics that in the next round, the cornucopia is very likely to fly to x10, then it is possible to prescribe this figure in the column auto cashout.

Aviator has become one of the most popular casino games for a reason. Moreover, the audience of fans is rapidly growing. Experts are unanimous in the opinion that Aviator has already marked a new century in the development of online gambling.

About the Author Elle Gellrich

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