How Can You Tell If Instagram Account Growth Is Organic?

July 1, 2021

Instagram! We all know about the popular photo-sharing application, don’t we?

The mobile application Instagram edits pictures and allows you to share pictures with friends and family.

The application is neat and runs easily. In addition, the best part is that everyone is on it! The application includes celebrities with verified blue tick accounts, influencers, all your friends, and even your crush… that’s right. Everyone is on Instagram these days.

Instagram is a trustworthy source of entertainment, from following friends and family accounts to follow your favorite celebrities and preferred brands to get an update about their next launch.

The app is popular among people under the age bracket of 35. The recent numbers of Instagram reveal that the app obtains 1 billion active users per month. In addition, the daily active users account for 500 million on the photo-sharing app.

For instance, using IG stalker, you will find that Selena Gomez has around 132 million followers and Cristiano Ronaldo with approx. 119 followers. The crazy numbers of these celebrities reveal that the application influence people around the globe.

The ability to reach people around the planet with a click only is gold! The more followers, the stronger your presence, and the more you influence people. In turn, this offers an opportunity to start earning, boost your brand products and services, and attract new people daily.

You can view blogs on our website to accomplish a strong presence, revealing tips and tricks to enhance your following. You will get to know it. However, all the tips are related when you are aware of the difference between automated and organic growth.

Let’s dig in about the difference first!

What’s the Difference Between Automated and Organic Social Media Growth?

It’s not that difficult! When you opt for growing your account organically, it’s the activity that matters.

To achieve more and more followers, your business account should be updated regularly. Include unique content, add a theme, post hashtags, and add geotags to your post. However, an effective way has to be engagement.

Users constantly like, comment, and share posts on the photo-sharing app. The best way is to act the same way. Like the post from their interest, comment, and share it to get them on board.

This is the perfect way to grow your following organically!

However, another way is available, known as Instagram automation.

In such a case, the application bots create actions on your behalf. Usually, they target specific geo-tags, hashtags, liking pictures on your behalf, following and unfollowing users, and even dropping a comment on their posts.

All this is aimed at boosting your following. In turn, you have a huge exposure. Besides, it does not require you to spend all day on the photo-sharing app.

However, the critical question here is how you spot the difference between organic and inorganic following on popular sharing apps. Many people buy Instagram followers, and there’s nothing wrong with it if you ask us.

This might get you in thinking! Well, don’t worry. We have got your back. Learn the signs that can help you to differentiate between the organic and inorganic following.

Check Numbers on the Account

You have to be sure about it when it comes to dealing with potential spam threats. The potential sign to look for in a spam account is numbers. It might be the only thing to look at since they might have no post at all.

Investigate the following. If the followers have blurred or scandalous pictures on display, no posts, or hundreds of unusual posts, then it’s safe to say that the spam service might create them.

Don’t be fooled by the bios; never click an unusual link.

Spy on Spam Accounts

Quite a few spam accounts have different motives. Additionally, other spam accounts are spammier than others. Accounts like these target users and get them to sign up for giveaways. In turn, they might take advantage of the information you share. Additionally, the account might include big names.

Keep in mind people who have organic following host giveaways in a much better sense. Use your best judgment.

Look Up at Engagement Rate

You dig deeper when you suspect a fake following on an account and fail to differentiate. Check content posted on accounts, and look for interaction on their profile. A spam account never acts in a personable manner.

In addition, you can check if they are tagged in legal posts. If not, follow your instinct and remove them from your following list. It’s better to have a significant and small organic following instead of huge spam accounts.

Additionally, Instagram removes spam accounts now and again. However, opt for more precautions to avoid the risk of being spam.

View Insights of the Profile

Instagram insight is one of the efficient ways to learn about your following. You can opt for viewing engagement on your posts, stories, and IGTV videos. However, to view insights, you must switch to a business profile.

Additionally, it is up to you to view insight per day accordingly.

The Instagram following undermines the account’s credibility and authenticity. If you’re just a beginner on Instagram struggling to get followers, you can choose the option of Instagram buy followers for a kick start.

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