How I Succeeded In The CEH 312-50v11 Exam

August 28, 2021

In this article, I will share my experiences with the Certified Ethical Hacker exam CEH 312-50v11 with an overview of the certification and the exam.

Last week I passed the CEH 312-50v11 Exam. With the success in this exam, I have earned the valuable credentials of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11. This exam is of great value for me in my professional career and I am glad to have gone through it. I would be more than happy if my piece of writing can encourage a potential candidate of the exam to go for it and make way through their professional career. Keeping it short, I will go with my story.


Professional certifications mostly require certain knowledge and practical experience of the subject. Some of those are for beginners with a very low level of acquaintance with the subject whereas the advanced level certifications require hands-on experience of the same in most of the case and a strong foundation of the theoretical knowledge. In short, you have to have some experience or background for a certification exam to be comfortable with it. It can be an uphill task with no or a very low level of acquaintance with the subject.

Let me begin with the introduction of myself. I am working as a Cyber Security Analyst in a Cloud solution provider company. I am an IT graduate and have done my Bachelors in Computer Sciences. Besides that, on the professional side, I possess CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, and CompTIA Security+ certifications.

I started the job as an Assistant Security Administrator. Over time, I got promoted after getting CompTIA CySA+ certification. As a professional, I believe that cybersecurity challenges are ever-evolving and are always capable of becoming a real threat to any organization. So cybersecurity professionals always have to be vigilant and keep themselves update with the latest security challenges and get equipped accordingly with the latest knowledge and tools to counter those.

One of my senior colleagues always used to say that a cybersecurity professional needs to think like a hacker to explore the security loopholes and vulnerabilities. That is the only way they can be able to fill the security gaps. Considering this, I have found it necessary to learn about ethical hacking due to the growing security challenge.

So I decided to opt for the same. For That, I found Certified Ethical Hacker to be the right path to acquire the necessary knowledge about this interesting approach towards cybersecurity. Keeping in view, I decided to earn Certified Ethical Hacker credentials. As I already have a professional certification portfolio and found that very useful throughout my professional career, both in terms of knowledge and skill enhancement as well as a career booster.

Preparing For The Exam

Certification exams are always a little bit different from regular academic exams. This is true for background, method, format, and preparation of the same. It can be confusing for the very first time. Nowadays you have a lot of stuff available online about these exams so if you do proper homework and have a good plan for the same, you can easily sail through your first exam as well.

As I have already taken four certification exams so I was clear about how to prepare for the exam. For the study material of the CEH 312-50v11 exam, I opted for considering my previous experience. From I bought the complete package of PDF and Testing Engine.

The training material at  is known for its professional quality and accuracy. All the study material offered by  is covered by a money-back guarantee for sure success in the certification exams. Braindumps by helped me a lot due to the authenticity of the content. In 6 weeks I completed the preparation for the CEH 312-50v11 exam. Then I spared a week for a thorough revision before taking the exam.

The Exam

I took the CEH Exam 312-50v11 dumps at a Pearson VUE testing center. I passed it on my first attempt.


The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11 has helped me a  lot in learning about new security skills. It has also helped me in developing a new perspective about the existing challenges and vulnerabilities. It is going to help me in foreseeing and tackling future security challenges.

Who is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

A Certified Ethical Hacker is an expert who works in a red team environment and is responsible for attacking computer systems and getting access to networks, apps, databases, and other sensitive information on secured systems.

A CEH knows attack methods, how to utilize innovative attack vectors, and how to imitate bad hackers’ talents and inventiveness. Unlike malicious hackers and actors, Certified Ethical Hackers work with the consent of the system owners and take every measure to keep the results private.

About The Exam

The exam for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 11 certification is known as 312-50 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE). It is a Multiple Choice exam. The number of questions in the exam is 125. The total duration of the exam is 4 Hours. The exam is conducted by ECC and Pearson VUE.


Networking is the bloodline of a business. Over the years the enterprise networking became heavily reliant on the internet for very basic business operations. Cloud computing and  Mobile devices have made businesses to be more dependent on the internet.

The growth in internet usage has brought a lot of new vulnerabilities and security challenges. Data privacy concerns have also increased with continuous connectivity. To handle all these challenges, businesses require essential cybersecurity practices. Ethical hacking is a newer type of security practice to identify the security vulnerabilities and loopholes from an intruder or a hacker’s point of view.

This helps organizations to identify and block the backdoors in their computing systems. Ethical hacking is one of the fastest-growing branches of cybersecurity. Certified Ethical Hacker by EC Council is a well-sought credential in this domain. The candidate needs to pass the CEH 312-50v11 exam to earn Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11 credentials.

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