10 Best Resume Writing Services in India

Truth be told, most hiring managers will never take a second look at your resume if it is poorly written. That is why you need to increase your chances of landing the job by hiring a professional resume writer.

Looking for the best CV writing service should not be as difficult as looking for the job. I have compiled this list of the top 10 resume writing services in India to guide your selection. But before we get to the best CV writers, allow me to highlight a few useful tips for resume preparation.

5 Useful tips for writing the effective resume

1. Use a professional font

Avoid fancy font styles when writing your CV. No professional has time to interpret unreadable fonts. The best professional fonts for resumes are Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, and MontSerrat. Set the font size to point 12 and spacing to at least 1.5

2. Include only the most information

You may have worked well over 10 jobs in your 5 years or so out of college. Do not include all of them in the resume. Pick only the most important, especially those ones related to the job you are eyeing. You will not impress the hiring manager by trying to prove you have worked in a good number of industries.

3. Seek inspiration from industry-specific CVs

Engineers are technical, lawyers are learned, tour guides are social. Each industry has a unique way of viewing and doing things. And no one is exactly the same as the other. If you are a graduate doctor, search online for professionally written doctor resume samples and get insight.

4. Address the needs in the job description

Ditch the one-fits-all mentality. Every job is different from the other. Study carefully what the job requires and focus on addressing those needs in your resume. Of particular importance is the section titled ‘Qualifications’. If they require 5 years experience in customer support, ensure you mention customer support somewhere in your CV.

5. Be authoritative

Avoid the passive form. It sounds non-convincing to say ‘many projects were completed when I was the lead project coordinator’. Instead, say ‘Successfully completed 10 international road construction projects in my 5 years stay at the company. Use powerful action words that give authority to your voice – achieved, earned, completed, accomplished, established, spearheaded, founded, instituted, authored, drafted, etc.

That said, remember the following key elements to include in your CV.

Must-have attributes of a resume for maximum effectiveness

1. Contact information

Give your full name, street address, phone number, and email address for the employer to easily reach you in case of an offer

2. Important accomplishments

Show the employer what you have accomplished so far

3. Education experience

Your degree and other post-graduate qualifications are the most important here.

4. Employment history

Outline the jobs you have done that are related to the current job.

At some small fee, you can get resume help from experienced and professional CV making websites. Here are the top 10 online resume writing services.

Top-rated CV writing services

1. CraftResumes

No. 1 on my list is Craft Resumes Service. This is the best resume writing service in India, having successfully completed close to 3,000 CVs. The highly skilled professional career experts in the firm have a worldwide reputation.

Their services are sought by a majority of countries in the world. The company lives to its promise of 24 hours turnaround of every CV. No need to wait for days. Their customer support lines are open 24/7, so you can get in touch with them any day at any time.

Before writing your CV, they conduct a thorough interview with you to capture all the necessary details. They also extensively and intensively analyze the latest labor market proposals for your particular area of choice. With all the details at hand, they proceed with writing the CV, editing, and proofreading it to perfection.  

2. Avon Resumes

Avon Resumes is a reliable Indian cv writing service. They walk the job application path with job seekers to increase their marketability. Having been in business for 18 years, you can count on their experience to land you the next job.

3. Make My Resume

If your criterion of choice is affordability, Make My Resume is a good starting point. Be it a resume for a finance analyst or a CV for a gardener, they got you covered.

4. Book Your CV

The unique thing with Book Your CV is the fact that they do CVs for free for fresh graduates who have not yet worked anywhere. That is a definite plus.

5. Mentordd

They do juggle words, just like Techarrival, the best site for jobs. Be sure their creativity will help pull you out of the rat race, as they claim on their website homepage.

6. UpperCase Resume

Imagine being offered 90 days of free revisions. Who else does that? UpperCase Resume has your interests at the core of their operation, and we do appreciate that.

7. Smart Resume

If you doubt whether your CV will pass the 7-second resume test, contact these guys. They have perfected the art of writing a CV that convincingly communicates to the hiring manager within 7 seconds.

8. Resume Master

This is a relatively new service for paid resumes, but they have managed to quickly build a positive online reputation

9. Get Set Resumes

Are you in need of a good team of professional CV writers? This is the go-to online CV maker in India. I also love their website design. If you ever thought of creating a resume website, think along those lines.

10. Excel CV

Indians love Excel CV for their exceptional quality, only that you may have to dig deeper into your pocket if you need your CV in less than 24 hours.  

Final word

You should never be at a disadvantaged position because you have not yet mastered the art of convincing the hiring manager with a professionally crafted CV. Engage with professional resume builders, and they will easily guide you into your dream job.

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