How Working Aspirants Can Prepare for SSC CGL 2018

Everyone has equal rights and opportunities to think, desire and work for their goals. Just like every year, there are lakhs of students who are preparing for SSC CGL 2018 exam. Out of these, there are numerous students who prepare for this exam while working in a full-time job.

They too dream of clearing this competitive exam and make their career in government sector. But they find it difficult to maintain their study routine as they hardly get any time from their jobs for studies. Today, in order to nail this exam, we shall discuss the study plan and strategy for working aspirants to prepare for SSC CGL 2018.

The first step to preparation for working aspirants is to pull their socks up as they will have to double the hard work as compared to any other non-working aspirant. Then, the second step is to believe in themselves. It all depends on how much time you can give to your studies consistently. Initially with this idea in mind, you must have a proper planning to execute your plan.  Utilize your time in the morning and after the office in the evening. One thing that stands out for working aspirants is the time management on weekdays and on weekends.

SSC CGL 2018 preperation tips for working Aspirants

Positive approach:

Do not get demotivated ever. Always be optimistic and cheerful about your preparation. At any point of time during preparation, if you feel stressed or tired then keep calm and focus on your aim. Muster all your energy for the preparation of SSC CGL 2018 exam. Your motivation, perseverance and dedication will surely take you to your goal no matter how hard the journey will be.

All the time management begins with planning. Here is the schedule you should take up to reach your goal. You should dedicate a minimum of 3 hours each working day for your studies and focus more on only those subjects, which have high Weightage in the question paper. This is how your time distribution should look like –

Section Time
General Awareness 45 min
Quantitative Aptitude 45 min
General Intelligence & Reasoning 45 min
General English 45 min

You can personalize it based on your time availability and your weak topics. Take weekends as your golden opportunity and increase your time allotment to each topic. This can be your schedule for these off days –

Section Time
General Awareness 2 hrs
Quantitative Aptitude 2 hrs
General Intelligence & Reasoning 2 hrs
General English 2 hrs
Important Topics & Weak areas 2 hrs
Practice [Mock Tests] 2 hrs

Other than this, you should follow the given routine step by step to reach your goal.

Morning study:

The time from 4:30 am to 5:30 am is a refreshing period as whatever you practice, will give you more benefit and remain stable for a long time. Therefore, wake up early in the morning between these time slot and study General awareness and English comprehension topics.

Prepare difficult topics first:

As you are a working aspirant, you should know the most scoring subjects and topics, which will help you in gaining maximum marks with the nominal efforts. For Quant section, Mensuration, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry are the four topics, which are very scoring and are asked in maximum number. Other topics like -Profit/Loss, CI/SI, time/work should be second in priority & every other topic third. Learn tricks and shortcuts for these topics as this will save your important 10 minutes in the exam. Practice and study as much as you can.

Conquer English language:

This section is the most confusing section. It does not contain any shortcut tricks, logics, and concepts. To develop an overall understanding of the language, go through ’The Hindu’ newspaper daily. Apart from this, you can go for Wren and Martin book for complete rules and tricks of grammar. There will be ample time for the preparation of Narration and Voice based questions after the Tier -1 phase. So, prepare only selected topics in Tier-1. Grammar must be the first preference.  Consider it seriously for the preparation.  

Use the free time:

We all are aware of the fact that private sector jobs are always hectic and tight on schedule. Therefore, it is very necessary to find when you get extra time for yourself. It may be lunch time, coffee time and events time. This free time should be used to study vocabulary. Here you can focus on one-word substitution, idiom phrases, Synonyms and Antonyms. Make a habit of doing it regularly.

Note: There is no need to spend extra time for Reasoning except, Analogy, Series, and Dice questions. Prepare this section during practice sets only.

Weekend coaching classes:

It is very difficult to, prepare study notes, collect practice material, gain knowledge of shortcut tricks, and build concepts and clear doubts when you are working somewhere. So, not to miss any such information, you should join weekend coaching classes which focus on giving the specially designed coaching to working aspirants.

Assess yourself:

Mock tests, previous year question papers, and online quizzes are the best way to test your level of preparation. It will also through some light on your weak areas and strong zones. Prepare accordingly. Analyze yourself by giving these mock tests.

At last, never fall prey to your tiredness and make a commitment with yourself that you will use all your precious free time to make your life worth it. After all, these will go to be a temporary phase leading to permanent secure phase. Never think negatively and always be optimistic. You can relax once you achieve your goal. Remember it always seems impossible until it is done. So, all you need to do is follow the plan as we have discussed above and stay focus. Be the force that will translate your ambition into success. Put your heart, mind and soul into the SSC CGL 2018 preparation, even in your smallest pieces of time. You will succeed irrespective of your busy schedule. Because it is the quality of preparation that matters not the quantity of time spent.

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