Studying Abroad: Top 6 Advantages and Disadvantages

Making a solid decision to attend college abroad, you are opening yourself up to the numerous opportunities as well as long-reaching benefits. There are a few reasons why students pursue an education in a host country. The USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia are five countries considered the most popular destinations abroad.

As you see, the majority of the list is the part of the English-speaking world. Obtaining a degree in foreign countries is a challenge, but it may bring significant advantages in the future. However, there are a plenty of difficult obstacles on the way to the imaginary success. If you are weighting factors, think about this list of potential benefits and hardness.

Advantages of Study Abroad:

  1. Living abroad improves a confident attitude as well as helps students to develop an independent lifestyle. You have to cook, wash, clean, and manage your personal budget. Usually, students are short of money so that they are in need of a part-time job. Starting to work is a challenge for anyone to say nothing of those who are surviving abroad.
  2. Foreign techniques. Each country has its unique approach regarding studying process. While graduating abroad, students have innumerable opportunities for personal growth. Pay attention to teaching methods different from previous experience.
  3. Thinking out of the box. An international student has to leave his comfortable life and discover a new world. It means that he must study another language and totally unfamiliar culture of the environment. This task demands a lot of time, wit, creativity, and energy.
  4. Exploring new lifestyle. A student gets a great chance to learn about a foreign culture that can be opposite to what he is used to. It is comparable to traveling adventure as to get along with these differentials you should be an open-minded person. Maybe, you will find something weird or unacceptable. Keep in mind that traditions can be related to the local religious beliefs. Thus, you should be careful, polite, and diplomatic not to hurt the feelings of residents.
  5. Job opportunities and market value. Do you know why so many parents wish their child to study abroad? The primary reason is new employment opportunities that are waiting for those who obtain a degree in prestigious colleges or universities. Students graduated from Harvard University, for example, as is common, have a higher job chance in their hometown along with a lot of benefits. Employers seek for a person who may adjust to a rapidly-changing world. Therefore, it is no surprise that companies are interested in globally-minded candidates. Moreover, studying abroad helps students to understand people’s relations on an international scale.
  6. Global network expansion. You will get a transnational experience and cultivate multi- cultural relationships throughout your study. It is the most rewarding thing you can achieve. Work to establish meaningful connections and maintain friendships with your fellows, teachers, and other program participants. You own “social network” will bring thousands of opportunities in the future.

study abroad in US, UK, Canada

Disadvantages of Abroad Study:

  1. As it’s seen from above, the list of the most popular countries to study abroad includes expensive places. You know that getting an education abroad might cost a significant sum. It depends on the chosen country and teaching institution fee. Another part of the future expenses is your accommodation. Besides, an international student has to visit his relatives time to time. So you are supposed to have travel expenses.
  2. Language barrier. Sure thing, students try to learn the language of the host country. However, this is a long and arduous process that takes a lot of time. Therefore, an international student can meet trouble halfway. For example, he might do not get on with fellows, mates or misunderstand lecturers. Besides, the first obstacles might arise while a student gains admission as one has to prove he is adequately prepared for the applying program. All this implies that he is mastery of the foreign language. Also, students can’t avoid writing academic papers and providing researchers. Essays on various topics are an integral part of the education process and insurmountable obstacle for those who have gaps in language. Luckily, sometimes the problem can be easily solved due to online writing services.
  3. Unfamiliar Admissions. Keep in mind that the admission process in your country may be different from the same process in your host country. To avoid unpleasant situations, students should find out and plan every detail.
  4. Imagine this: you are alone in a new environment where might be hard to find friends or meet a soul mate. Many international students become severely depressed and feel loneliness while getting educated in a host country. Because of unfamiliarity, many students feel homesickness that accompanied by varying degrees of anxiety or culture shock, sense of alienation, and feelings of frustration. All these symptoms show up while a student tries to adjust to a foreign culture.
  5. Accreditation troubles. Usually, universities have their own certification rules that may differ from evaluation process in your country. It means you cannot expect the obtained degree to be accepted worldwide. It might be hard to find a proper job in chosen countries if your university doesn’t respond the requirements.
  6. Nontransferable degree. If you are going to pursue a higher degree later, there is the possibility that the international degree might be nontransferable to a greater degree program within the chosen institution. Also, make sure that the seeking degree is appropriate to the career field.

In Conclusion:

Anyone experiences a thrill of adventure when going to devious coasts. Who knows what is waiting for you there? Does this international program worth the long separation from your relatives and friends? As we have noted, you can meet many obstacles but get new personal qualities, skills, and intercultural development. Despite all hardness, you’ll gain professional advancement that changes the future life for better.

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