Is It Good or Bad to Get a Job Through a Staffing Agency?

August 4, 2022

Any firm can hire people who are well-suited for the job openings through staffing agencies. These agencies are more beneficial for businesses that lack the time, funding, or experience to conduct the hiring process. 

Depending on the demands of the organization, they offer contract workers, short-term, long-term, and temporary employees. Further, there are also a lot of benefits a company gets from a staffing agency. 

Staffing agencies provide workers for all open positions in the industry, including those in healthcare, finance & accounting, construction, manufacturing, IT, and other fields. 

For example, an IT staffing company can help employers find employees for jobs as diverse as java developers, data analysts, salesforce, SAP, cloud computing, software testers, designers, and many others.

The agencies help employers identify the best employees while also assisting job searchers in finding their ideal position more quickly. 

Through staffing agencies, job searchers can apply for vacancies, and the agencies interview job seekers and place them in suitable positions depending on their skill sets, and the agency pays the selected candidate to work for the client company. 

Nowadays, the majority of job seekers are unsure of whether it is advantageous or bad to obtain employment through a staffing company. 

It’s because the position is temporary. If you’re uncertain about using one to find employment, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of a staffing agency will help you make a more informed decision.  

Advantages of staffing agencies

  • You are needless to pay any amount to the agency in order to find work because the agency itself is the client. 
  • The agencies do the job searching for you. You just need to explain to them about your skills and experience, and they will find a better job for you based on your skills. 
  • Staffing services give you access to several employers and positions. The agency speaks face-to-face with the managers who can hire you to the organization rather than submitting your resume to the site.
  • A strong Resume gives a thorough picture of who you are. So the agencies assist you in refining your resume to receive offers more quickly. They also offer you feedback to help you develop your abilities.
  • The staffing companies will have a wider network of open positions than the employers have, so they can assist you in finding employment quickly.
  • The staffing companies give their clients the chance to hire a temporary employee permanently. Yes, if you wow the employer with your work ethic and performance, you might land a permanent position with the company.
  • Staffing agencies are specialized in every industry, so you can find different types of jobs. Especially, an IT staffing company lets you get short-term jobs to permanent jobs at a good pay scale. 

Disadvantages of staffing agencies 

  • You may sometimes be forced to interview for jobs you don’t want to do by the agencies, and not all agencies will comprehend your industry. Without a good understanding, it’s possible that you won’t get hired for a position for which you are qualified.
  • The staffing companies charge very expensive fees that range from 20 to 30 percent of the candidate’s yearly income.
  • You’ll lose out on an opportunity to develop your company’s employer branding strategy if you choose a staffing agency to get employment.
  • The distinction between firm workers and agency personnel will always exist. The two might not connect in the same manner. There won’t be a cultural fit as a result.


Is using a staffing agency to find employment good or bad? It cannot be answered by anyone. You are in charge of making a choice. But by this point, you may have already decided to use a staffing agency to get employment after learning the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. Hopefully, this article is useful. 

About the Author Kyrie Mattos

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