Is Quizlet an Effective Study Guide?

August 26, 2021

Exams are unavoidable when you’re a student, whether you’re having face-to-face classes or virtual learning. The stress and pressure caused by exams is a universal language among students, so they’re always on the lookout for different ways to make studying a little less boring and a little more fun. There are various study tools and guides we’ve found on the internet, and one of the best ones we’ve found is called Quizlet.

If you want to make studying an engaging and interactive process while being able to memorize information quickly and effectively, Quizlet is the platform to turn to. The learning tool has a variety of features you can use to learn your lessons, including flashcards, games, and more.

If you’re interested to learn more about what Quizlet has to offer, then you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll delve into what makes Quizlet a great study guide as well as discuss each study mode available on the site.

What Is Quizlet?

You’re probably excited to jump in and start using Quizlet right away, but it’s best to know and understand what the platform is all about first, so you know what to expect. Quizlet aims to help both students and educators practice their learning materials until they reach proficiency.

The platform organizes information into what is known as “study sets.” We’ll talk more about what these are, but basically, both teachers and students add these study sets to their Quizlet accounts. As a student using Quizlet, all you have to do is log in to your account and pick which study set fits your needs at that moment. These sets can either be made by other users or by teachers.

Quizlet is a fantastic tool to use no matter what your education level is—whether you’re still in high school, college, or post-grad, Quizlet will be able to make studying easier and more convenient for everyone.

Is It Free?

If you don’t mind only using Quizlet’s basic features, the platform has a free version that you can stick to. But if you want to get rid of the pesky ads and study offline, or if you want to make use of all the site’s extra features, there are payment plans available to fit your needs. However, whether you stick to the free version or you subscribe to the premium plan, you can access Quizlet on your web browser or download it to your iOS or Android phone.

The most affordable payment plan is called Quizlet Go, the ad-free version of the learning platform that also offers offline access at the same time. This version costs $35.88 a year. If you want access to all the other extra features, you’ll have to ramp up the yearly price to $47.88 for the Quizlet Plus version. You can also subscribe to Quizlet Plus as a group, and the pricing for that depends on how many people will be using it.

Quizlet Plus offers all the features available in Quizlet Go, along with other cool additions. For instance, you can track your learning progress, add custom images and diagrams in your study sets, and even custom audio. Other features include smart grading, rich text formatting, the option to scan documents, personalized study paths, and more.

Different Methods of Studying

Here’s a quick look at all the different ways you can study on Quizlet:

Study Sets

As mentioned, Quizlet users can create their own study sets to fit their learning needs. Since a study set is customizable, it consists of whatever you want—it can be terms and definitions or potential questions and answers to an upcoming exam. They can also include audio, words, images, and more, depending on what you want to add.

If you don’t want to create your own study set, you can search for and use pre-made sets created by other users.

Diagram Sets

If you upgrade your Quizlet account to Quizlet Plus, you can gain access to a feature called diagram sets. This type of set allows you to include other types of media, such as diagrams, maps, and images which you can then label with terms or definitions—whatever you want.

Study Modes

Now that you understand the basics of Quizlet, let’s dive into the different study modes offered by this learning tool. Thanks to these modes, studying has never been more fun.


As we all know, flashcards are awesome study tools that many students use when they’re preparing for an exam. Quizlet’s developers are aware of this fact, which is why it features a flashcards study mode. This feature may be digital, but it still functions the same way as paper flashcards. There’s a card shown on the screen with terms or questions, then you can flip over the card to see the answer.


With Learn, you can easily quiz yourself to see whether you were able to master the material you’ve studied on. You’ll see a term, definition, or question on-screen, and it’s up to you to type in the necessary information. After submitting your answer, you’ll receive feedback on whether you got the right or wrong answer.


This feature is perfect if you’re trying to improve your spelling. For this one, you won’t be seeing on-screen text; instead, you’ll listen to the audio pronunciation of a term, and then you have to type the correct spelling.


Aside from the above-mentioned study modes, Quizlet also offers another fun way of learning through games.


For this game, your screen will show definitions scroll down your screen. You have to type the term or answer as fast as possible, as you have to make sure that you type in your answer before the definition reaches the bottom of the screen. You can also choose the difficulty level if you think you can handle the more challenging material.


Lastly, Quizlet has another game entitled Match. For this feature, Quizlet showcases a grid with words or definitions scattered across your screen. From there, you need to drag the different grids around and match them to their correct definition.


Overall, Quizlet is a fantastic learning site if you want to make studying more fun and engaging. This type of platform removes the anxiety and pressure that comes with studying for exams, ultimately turning it into a fun experience.

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