MAHA TET Answer Key Paper-2 ~ 19 Jan 2020 Question Paper [PDF] Download

January 20, 2020

MAHA TET 2019 exam has been held on 19th Jan 2020 at various exam centers in Maharashtra. MAHA TET Paper 2 exam for Upper Primary section have started from 2:00 PM To 4:30 PM. This paper was for candidates who want to become a teacher in junior or class 6 to class 8 schools.

The Maharashtra TET officials answer key 2020 will be released in 4th Week Of January 2020. We will update this page to give the official answer key of MAHA TET 2019 by Maharashtra State Council of Examination (MSCE), Pune. Candidates can download MAHA TET Answer Key 2020 PDF link.

MAHA TET 2019 Paper 2 has 4 exam paper a sets, i.e. Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D. On this page we have collected MAHA TET Junior question paper From Question paper set B. You can also download MAHA TET Official PDF answer key for all Set – A, B, C, D.

MAHA TET 2019 Paper-II (Class VI to VIII) Question paper Analysis / Exam Pattern

MAHA TET Upper Primary Stage Paper II Exam Pattern
Subject Name No.Of Questions Marks
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30
Language I 30 30
Language II 30 30
Mathematics, Science or Social Studies 60 60
Total 150 150

Maharashtra TET exam has 150 MCQ (Multiple Choice Objective) type questions. Every question has 1 mark each and there are no negative marking criteria.

MAHA TET 2019 – Paper 2 – English – SET B Answer Key

  1. Choose the one which is the correct ‘Question Tag’ for the given Sentence
    • Isn’t it?
    • Isn’t neither?
    • Isn’t either?
    • Are they?
  2. Choose the mis-spelt word:
    • Spurious
    • Studious
    • Subsidary
    • Sensible
  3. Choose the alternative which best expresses the underlined phrase.
    ‘Rust has eaten away the plate’.
    • Corroded
    • Consumed
    • Confiscated
    • Swallowed
  4. Select the combination of numbers so that alphabets arranged accordingly will form a meaningful word
    C I A D L P
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    • 126534
    • 653124
    • 621534
    • 426531
  5. Select the combination of numbers so that the parts arranged accordingly will form a meaningful sentence.
    1. Western countries 2. Are less spoiled
    3. By pollution 4. than
    5. The one in 6. Indian beaches
    • 623451
    • 123456
    • 624513
    • 312456
  6. State what part of speech is the under lined word:
    He was all alone when I saw him.
    • Adverb
    • Adjective
    • Pronoun
    • Noun
  7. What does the underlined modal auxiliary express? She must have left already.
    • Obligation
    • Necessity
    •  Logical certainty
    • Desirability
  8. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched as ‘one-word substitution’?
    • One who hates mankind                          – misanthrope
    • One who helps the poor and needy       – philanthropist
    • One who collects or studies stamps       – philatelist
    • One who hates women                             – philanderer
  9. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the underlined word in the given sentence.
    The five experiments gave disparate results
    • Similar
    • Encouraging
    • Strange
    • Different
  10. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word:’ Frailty’
    • Fatigue
    • Strength
    • Health
    • Boldness
  11. Fill in the blank with the appropriate passive form of the verb from the alternatives supplied.
    He…………. if we think it necessary.
    • Has been interviewed
    • Will be interviewed
    • Would have been interviewed
    • Had been interviewed  
  12. Choose the correct anlternative to fill in the blanks.
    He will win the race if he __ running regularly.
    1. Will practise
    2. would practise
    3. were to practise
    4. practise
  13. Choose the alternative showing the correct indirect narrative of the given ‘Direct Speech’.
    “Don’t answer me back like that”, said Rohit to Radha.
    • Rohit asked Radha if she would not answer him back like that.
    • Rohit ordered Radha don’t answer him back like that.
    • Rohit ordered·Radha not to answer him back like that.
    • Rohit told Rad.ha to not answer him back like that.
  14. Identify the figure of speech in the following line:
    ‘To err is human, to forgive divine’
    • Anticlimax
    • Antithesis
    • Oxymoron
    • Metaphore
  15. Identify the part of sentence which has error
    ‘when he was tired / he took rest under / the shade of a tree / No error.’ ( A / B / C / D )
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
  16. Name the underlined ‘clause’ in the given sentence:
    I shall go to the place where my friend lives.
    • Adverb clause of place
    • Noun clause
    • Adverb clause of time
    • Adjective clause

      No. 17 to 21 : Read the following passage carefully and select the most correct answer of the given question:
  17. The basic guiding proposition, according to the passage, should be –
    • Spontaneity
    • Naturality
    • Neutrality
    • Consciousness
  18. What could be the suitable title to the passage?
    • ‘strive’ to make it happen
    • ‘wait’ for it to happen
    • Express to make it happen
    • ‘see’ what happens
  19. What is the part of normal human sensory ability, according to the passage?
    • range of perception
    • growth of consciousness
    • new vision
    • new experience
  20. A new vision, according to the passage, fructifies-
    • when our perception grows
    • when one applies one’s abilities
    • by itself
    • figure it out
  21. Any new experience, according to the passage,­
    • should just enrich one’s experience
    • needs to be analysed
    • must change one’s life
    • must be put into practice
  22. Select the suitable articles for the given sentence:
    My friend always likes to trevel by _ air since he is _ very busy man.
    • the, a
    • the, No article
    • No article, a
    • an, a
  23. Choose the correct ‘prepositions’ for the given sentence:
    you must account _ your absense _ the hostel warden.
    • for, to
    • to, by
    • about, for
    • of, to
  24. Choose the grammatically correct sentence:
    • She is strong enough to carry the box
    • She is too strong to carry the box.
    • She is enough strong to carry the box.
    • She is strong to too carry the box.
  25. Choose the correct alternative:
    A) Thirty-one cannon were fired to greet the royal guest.
    B) For social peace and harmony, we should all observe the canons of morality
    • Only (A) is correct
    • Only (B) is correct.
    • Both (A) and (B) are correct
    • Both (A) and (B) are wrong.
  26. Choose the odd man out
    • Deer
    • Sheep
    • Swine
    • Elephant
  27. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom:
    Parents pay through their nose for their children’s education.
    • by taking loan
    • an extremely high price
    • grudgingly
    • willingly
  28. If Sunidhi has tumour in her body, who will treat her?
    • Radiologist
    • Gynecologist
    • Oncologist
    • Osteopath
  29. Which of the following is a rhetorical question?
    A) is it fair to mislead parents?
    B) Are you willing to join our group?
    C) Can you speak English fluently?
    D) Have you visited the Taj Mahal?
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
  30. Choose the correct simple sentence for the given sentence
    A) They tried to persuade the principle.
    B) The Principal denied their request
    • By trying to persuade the Principal, he denied their request.
    • They tried to persuade the Principal but he denied their request.
    • Despite their trying to persuade the Principal, he denied their request.
    • Though they tried to persuade the Principal, he denied their request.

MAHA TET 2019 Solved Paper – Child Development and Pedagogy – SET B

  1. Imagery is useful in various areas of education, Following are statements explaining the educational importance of imagery.  Which of the following is not a correct statement?
    • Intensity of imagery depends upon the eagerness of experiences
    • Experiences that are to be given to the students should be exact, clear and detailed
    • It is unnecessary to teach the students how to form imagery.
    • While telling abstract concepts to students they should be related to pictures, diagrams and
  2. We sometimes think that we have got what we desire and then keep some favourable and convenient things in our mind. This happens due to which of the following defects is thinking process ?
    • Defect is observation
    • Prejudiced thoughts
    • Coincidentaljudgrnent
    • Wishful thinking
  3. The development of various sense organs’ competency and the nervous system occurs rapidly up to the age of three years. This opinion was put forth by __ .
    • Wundt
    • Tichner
    • Skinner
    • Thurston and Thorndike
  4. In infancy the various movement of a child are dependant on motor skill development. According to this which of the following statement is not correct? .
    • Maturity is the main factor in motor development.
    • Motor development starts after birth.
    • Development occurring in the coordination of muscles and nervous system are included in motor development.
    • Sitting, getting up, running etc are motor skills
  5. Which of the following is not a correct example of sensation ?
    • An unconscious persons gets sensation about sound
    • Dogs find out thieves by smelling and sniffing things.
    • When one puts an eatable in the mouth the taste sensation are awakened
    • When we go to the market we hear many sounds
  6. Which of the following is an incorrect statement about perception?
    • Perception is t e next step after sensation.
    • Mind is active in perception and inactive in sensation
    • Stimulus, sense organs and nervous system are the support of both mental processes i.e. sensation and perception
    • Perception does not occur in absence of sensation
  7. Instrument players, singers, dancers all impress us with their talent and entertain us. This is included in which type of imagination?
    • Fantastic imagination
    • Aesthetic imagination
    • Pragmative imagination
    • Reproductive imagination
  8. The process which emphasizes a subject to behave in a specific manner towards a specific stimulus for eg. “salivation” behaviour occurs when specific situation is created is called as __.
    • Motor conditioning
    • Classical conditioning
    • Operant conditioning
    • Temporal conditioning
  9. If mental processes like thinking, genera&lsation and reasoning are used for transfer of training from teachers to students then this type of tenching is called as _.
    • Conditioning
    • Indoctrination
    • Instruction
    • Training
  10. The three types of personalities viz pyknic, Athletic and Aesthenic were put forth by …………..
    • Hippocrates
    • Carl Jung
    • William Sheldon
    • Kreshmer
  11. When an activity is done deliberately, purposefully and goal directed then its transfer value increases. This opinion about transfer of training was proposed by …………..
    • Judd
    • Bagley
    • Thorndike
    • HoJzinger
  12. Which of the following is a biological motive ?
    • Need for power
    • Need of achievement
    • Motherhood
    • Need for Affiliation
  13. Which of the following is not included in ‘Self-Regulation’ a factor of emotional intelligence given by Salovy and Mayer?
    • Self confidence
    • Self control
    • trustworthiness
    • Innovativeness
  14. Which is the alternative showing the correct sequence of concept forming stages?
    A. Actual cognition of a thing
    B. Giving abstract appearance to it
    C. Expression of concept in words
    D. Generalisation from separated characteristics.
    E. Separating of characteristics by analysis of some traits of various things of similar group.
    • A, C, D, B, E
    • E, C, D, A, B
    • A, E, D, B, C
    • B, C, A, D, E
  15. ‘Intelligence is the capacity to adjust successfully to relatively new conditions.’ Which of the following psychologist gave this definition of intelligence ?
    • WilliamJames
    • McDougal
    • Galton
    • Burt
  16. Elizabeth Hurlock emphasized on ____ while explaining· the concept of development.
    • Maturity
    • New-competency
    • Characteristic
    • Effect
  17. From the following alternatives is a Normative teaching theory.
    • Theory of Socrates
    • Theory of lnstruction
    • Theory of teacher behaviour
    • Gagne’s theory
  18. The pioneer of Moulding theory of teaching from the group of formal theories of teaching is ………
    • Socrates
    • Jolm Dewey
    • Herbart
    • Gagne
  19. Every child taking birth has a tendency of going to the average in case of characteristics. is according to __ of heredity.
    • Law of similarity
    • Law of variation
    • Law of idealisation
    • Law ofregression
  20. The dynamic organisation of psychophysical mechanism which helps a person in specific adjustment towards a situation is called as __ .
    • perspective
    • family
    • personality
    • structure
  21. When our previous experiences oppose our new learning experiances then it is called as __.
    • Regression
    • proactive Inhibition
    • Repression
    • Retroactive lnhibiton
  22. Which of the following statement about Preservation is correct
    • Experience does not linger in the mind
    • Experience is not experienced again and again
    • This attitude is seen in every individual in more or little proportion
    • Person having this attitude is an extrovert
  23. Which of the follwing is a social reason of Juvenile delinqucncy?
    • School timetable is faulty
    • Finnncial’imbulancc
    • Cuniculum not flexible
    • Fight between parents in the family
  24. Which of the following term includes physical actions, activities, thoughts occuring in the mind, emotions that are formed, emerging ideas, etc ?
    • Stimulus
    • Adjustment
    • Transformation
    • Response
  25. Which of the following statement is not correct basic principle of learning?
    • Create those learning experiences while teaching which will bring out the cre tivity in the students. ·
    • It is not, necessary to consider the family background of the learner while deciding the learning expenences.
    • Select such learning experience that will integrate the emotions, actions and thoughts of the learner
    • Select those learning experience which will fulfill the needs of the learners
  26. Which of the following psychologist proposed the theory of Hierarchial Leaming which proposes that learning process progresses in a sequence from easy to difficult and when the lower level concepts are fixed properly then the person is ready to progress at the higher level of learning ?
    • Gagne
    • Tolman
    • Guthrie
    • Clark Hull
  27. Which of the following method has the objective of independent thinking power, capacity of exchange of ideas and discussion, cooperation, patience, tolerance, etc and the development of social traits? ‘
    • Lecture method
    • Group teaching method
    • Unit Plan method
    • Correlation method
  28. Which of -the following types of project includes publishing magazines, preparing drawings, sculptures, arranging picnics and playing games?
    • Problem-oriented project
    • Production oriented project
    • Liking oriented project
    • Skill oriented project
  29. Which of the following is not a characteristic of maladjustment?
    • No adjustment with situations
    • Keeping possible expectations
    • No harmony between ‘self and ‘situation’.
    • Behaviour affected by inferiority complex
  30. When people try to explain why they lagged behind in life they say that their society does not allow there to go forward(progress) They pull us back. This is according to __ type of mechanism.
    • Sublimation
    • Compensation
    • Identification
    • Delusion

MAHA TET 2019 Solved Paper – Social Studies – SET B

  1. Out of the following statements, find the incorrcct one.
    • Rajya Sabha also has power to discuss or introduce a bill
    • The members of Rajya Sabha can put questions to the ministers
    • The members of Rajya sabha are not directly elected by the people
    • Rajya Sabha does not have power to amend the constitution
  2. Out of the following. find the incorrect pair.
    • Arunachal Pradesh- Itanagar
    • Manipur – Imphal
    • Meghalaya – Shillong
    • Mizoram- Kohima
  3. The word __ in preamble of the Constitution of lndia means, people have supreme right to make decisions on internal as well as external matters.
    • Republic
    • Liberty
    • Sovereign
    • Justice
  4. Religious education is not given .in Government aided schools : Right to freedom of religion Reserved seats in school and college admissions for women and persons of weaker section:
    • Right to equality
    • Right to liberty
    • Educational and cultural right
    • Right against exploitation
  5. ____ was conducted to decide whether Goa should become part of Maharashtra or remain separate .
    • Recall
    • Initiative
    • Referendum
    • Plebiscite
  6. What is similarity between Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates ?
    • Political parties are banned in these countries
    • There are no opposition parties in these countries
    • There are only national parties in these countries
    • No party wins majority votes in these countries
  7. Equal status to every individual without discriroioatiog on grounds of caste, religion, race, sex, wealth and social status means _ .
    • Equality
    • Freedom
    • Social justice
    • Socialism
  8. Match the pair :
    Source of History Dynasty
    A) Sarnath Pillar i) Satvahana
    B) Alahabad Prashasti ii) Gupta
    C) Naneghat inscriptions iii) Maurya
    • A-iii, B-ii, C-i
    • A-i , B-ii , C-iii
    • A-i , B-iii, C-ii
    • A-iii, B-i, C-ii
  9. Out of the following, find the incorrect pair
    • Gopal – Pal
    • Dantidurga – Rashtrakuta
    • Vijayalay – Chola
    • Krishnaraj – Yadav
  10. Tamilnadu : Chennai :: Lakshadweep : ?
    • Kavaratti
    • Thiruvananthapuram
    • Raipur
    • Agartala
  11. Match the pair:
    Group A Group B
    A) Eugoslavia i) Sukarno
    B) Indonesia ii) Gamal Abdul Naser
    C) Ghana iii) Marshal Tito
    D) Egypt iv) Quam Nakhnima
    • A-iii , B-iv , C-i , D-iii
    • A-iii, B-i, C-ii , D-iv
    • A-iii , B-ii , C-i , D-iv
    • A-iii , B-i , C-iv , D-ii
  12. ___ has the authority to undertake appropriate expenditure from the Zilla Parishad’s funds.
    • The president of Zilla Parishad
    • The vice president of Zilla Parishad
    • Chief Executive officer of Zilla Parishad
    • The Collector
  13. What is the similarity between Harshavardhan, Pravarsen, Hala, Mahendravarman, kings belonging to different dynasties?
    • They all are music scholars
    • They all are authors
    • They all are mathematicians
    • They all are founders of their dynasties
  14. Find the odd man out-Chola, Parmar, Yadav, Gahadwal
    • Chola
    • Parmar
    • Yadav
    • Gahadwal
  15. Tho pathans who had migrated from Afghanistan were known as
    • Rohillas
    • Jats
    • Rajputs
    • Satnamis
  16. Arrange the events in proper chronological order:
    i) Some American colonist,threw away tea-chests from the english ships into the sea
    ii) The American colonies issued Declaration of independence
    iii) 13colonies together established the federal Republic of America
    iv) American colonies declared, ‘ Not taxation without representation
    • iv, iii, ii, i
    • i, iv, ii, iii
    • iii, ii, i, iv
    • ii, i, iii, iv
  17. Justice Ranade, Dr. Bhandarkar, Justice Telang, Atmaram Pandurang Tarkhadkar were leaders of
    • Brahmo Samaj
    • Prarthana Samaj
    • Arya Samaj
    • Satyshodhak Samaj
  18. At the initiative of Prof. N.G. Ranga was established
    • Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha
    • All India Trade Union Congress
    • Congress Socialist Party
    • All India women’s conference
  19. Zunjar machi and Budhla machi are on ___ .
    • Toma
    • Rajgad
    • Raigad
    • Pratapgad
  20. Find the incorrect pair:
    • Sant Namdev – Narsi
    • Sant Dnyaneshwar – Apegav
    • Sant Eknath – Jamb
    • Sant Tukaram – Debu
  21. Author of epics Illiad and Odysy was ____ .
    • Pindar
    • Sophocles
    • Hirodotus
    • Homer
  22. What was the main reason behind organisation of Washington Conference in 1921?
    • To establish world peace.
    • To destroy Japenese Naval power.
    • To reinsititute Democracy
    • To think about environment conservation
  23. Who founded ‘Nirashrit Sevasadan’?
    • Janakka Shinde.
    • Ramabai Ranade
    • Pandita Ramabai
    • Savitribai Phule
  24. Out of the following, find the incorrect pair:
    • Sarvajanik Sabha – G.V. foshi.
    • East India Association – Dadabhai Nauroji.
    • Servants of India Society – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
    • Social Service League – Justice Ranade
  25. Don Quixote is __ book.
    • Drama
    • Fantasy
    • Satirical
    • Poems
  26. In England, industrial revolution began with industry.
    • Steel
    • Cotton
    • Machines
    • Chemicals
  27. The imperial European. nations acquired various commercial concessions from China. This has been known as , .
    • Open door policy
    • Imperialism
    • Cutting of Chinese melon.
    • Opium Wars
  28. Rasputin was ____ monk.
    • Russian
    • Serbian
    • Austrian
    • French
  29. Pompeii town was burried under ___ .
    • Avalanche
    • Flow of lava valcano
    • Sediments of flood
    • Land Slide
  30. Indian Standard Time (1ST) is based on the mridian__
    • 82° 30′
    • 72° 30′
    • 62° 30′
    • 52° 30′
  31. The neighbour country to the south-east of India is
    • Myanmar
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Srilanka
  32. _____ animal is found in Himalayas mountain region.
    • Sambar
    • Lion
    • Muskdeer
    • Fox
  33. ____ built the Shiv temple of Ambarnath:
    • Yadavas
    • Vakatakas
    • Shilaharas
    • Rashtrakutas
  34. ___ column writings are collected in ‘Carps inscriptions Indicarum.
    • Ashok’s
    • Chandragupta Il’s
    • Ajatshatru’s
    • Kanishka’s
  35. On the Andaman and Nicobar island ___ group is the tribal people.
    • Katkari
    • Jarva
    • Bhilla
    • Gond
  36. On the bank of river __ Ujjain city is famous for Kumbha Mela.
    • Tapi
    • Narmada
    • Kshipra
    • Damodar
  37. This festival marks the beginning of the solar year ___ .
    • Teej
    • Diwali
    • Dussehra
    • Baisakhi
  38. ln South America Brazil is the major producer of raw cotton and ranks-
    • Fifth
    • Fourth
    • Third
    • Second
  39. Manozite sand is found in…. state.
    • Jharkhand
    • Kerla
    • Maharashtra
    • Bihar
  40. ‘Audi’ is the best known production from ___ industrial region.
    • North-East of U.S.A
    • Eastern part of Asia.
    • Central Europe.
    • Eastern part of China
  41. China has railway mainly in… region.
    • East
    • West
    • North
    • South
  42. Second highest peak of the world ___ ,
    • Saramati
    • K-2
    • Kailas peak
    • Shivalik
  43. Match the following ‘A’ column with ‘B’ column for correct answer.
    ‘A’ ‘B’
    • North America Tiger
    • South America Fox
    • Brazil Bisons
    • Africa Zebra
  44. In the following which continent have victoria lake?
    • Australia
    • Asia
    • North America
    • Africa
  45. ___ period is called Uttarayana.
    • 22nd December to 21st June
    • 21st June to 22nd December
    • 22 March to 23 September
    • 23 September to 22 March
  46. In the following which mineral is used mainly to produce steel?
    • Copper
    • Manganese
    • Gold
    • Bauxite
  47. There is no human habitation on the continent of ·.
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Antarctica
    • Australia
  48. pressure belt between 5° north and 5° south latitudes.
    • Equatorial low
    • Polar high
    • Sub-polar low
    • Sub-tropical low
  49. Largest flower in the world ………… .
    • Lotus
    • Rafflesia
    • Aster
    • Sunflower
  50. Light travels __ km in one second.
    • Three lakh
    • Thirty lakh
    • Thirty thousand
    • Three crore
  51. In the following figure show the correct option for sea ave.
    • 1
    • 3
    • 4
    • 2
  52. On the right hand corner of the map, the…..direction is indicated with tho help of an arrow.
    • East
    • West
    • North
    • South
  53. Name the district in Maharashtra, lowest density of population.
    • Yavatmal
    • Sindhudurg
    • Bhandara
    • Gadchiroli
  54. Harihareshwar has a beautiful
    • Hill station
    • Sea beach
    • Fort.
    • Historical place
  55. Rome is located on the banks of ____ river.
    • Olona
    • Po river
    • Tiber
    • Sangr
  56. Choose the correct answer for National bird of Australia.
    • Kangaroo
    • Dingo
    • Echidna
    • Emu
  57. Himalaya is a ..;……… .
    • Fold mountain
    • Block mountain
    • Residuel mountain
    • Volcanos mountain
  58. A… used for launching something in space.
    • Spacecraft
    • Rocket
    • Skylab
    • Chandrayan
  59. Respiratory diseases are caused by ………….
    • Sound pollution
    • Water pollution
    • Air pollution
    • Soil pollution
  60. Unique event in Goa is __ .
    • Ganeshotsav
    • Navratra
    • Dassara
    • Carnival
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