Must-Have Instagram Tools for Business Growth

September 4, 2022

Instagram is the world’s most impactful influencer marketing platform, with a $15.2 billion market size. The social media platform has 1.44 billion active users monthly, with India leading the usage stats with 230 million, followed by the US with 160 million. Even though we have seen young talents rise in the popularity ranks within weeks, building a dedicated following on Instagram is not easy. Kid Instagram influencers like Niana Guerrero, Everleigh Rose Soutas, and Elle Lively McBroom may not have done much to win a loyal following. Still, most users must do a lot to gain traction on this platform.

Why Do Instagram Influencers Need Instagram Tools?

Tools and apps engineered to simplify managing social media accounts and stimulate growth are mandatory for every Instagram influencer. Handling multiple Instagram accounts to leverage American Instagram followers or global followers is difficult. In addition, understanding the audience and wooing them to follow your Instagram profile is a can of worms. However, with the right tools, you can automate Instagram posts, manage multiple handles without getting banned, and speed up your Instagram account growth.

Instagram Proxies

Instagram limits every user to five accounts maximum. Provided you’re running the 7.15 version of the Instagram app for iOS and Android, you can switch between these accounts with ease. You might think five handles are enough until you have multiple businesses in different niches. Once you exceed the limit, Instagram will automatically ban every other account you’ll run on the same IP address.

Influencers looking to expand their popularity on Instagram may need to seek alternatives. And the best tool to facilitate managing multiple accounts on the same device without risking Instagram bans can be found at Instagram proxies randomly generate rotating proxies, enabling you to switch between multiple Instagram accounts without getting banned.


As an influencer, managing multiple Instagram accounts and keeping your followers updated is not an easy task. Get instant Instagram followers to jumpstart your account. Brainstorming ideas and creating captivating content is already a mountainous task. Having to schedule, organize, and post your Instagram posts manually means you’ll never beat deadlines and achieve your everyday business goals. 

But with applications like SocialPilot, you can effortlessly organize and schedule Instagram posts. The app supports multiple social media profiles and lets you easily plan your videos, stories, posts, and reels. SocialPilot has a Canva feature that simplifies creating impressive posts. This valuable tool facilitates easy searches for top-selling posts and topics to improve your content creation efforts.


Snapseed is a professional-grade photo-editing app developed by NIK software but currently owned by Google. The Android and iOS-supported application enables you to fine-tune your photos by applying various effects and enhancements. The app lets you modify almost every photo aspect, including color and contrast, to make it stand out. Its save filter function enables users to identify and save favorite filter combinations for future use.

Snapseed integrates with social media platforms such as Instagram, enabling the creation of high-quality and value-adding Instagram-sharable images. With this app, you can perfect your photography and make your business stand out from the crowd. Snapseed has a unique feature known as stacks for saving multiple filters, which you can use to add uniformity and smoothness to your Instagram photos.

Every Instagram influencer wants to analyze growth metrics and strategize for future growth. offers simple tracking with outstanding analytic features. The tool provides smooth charts showing audience growth and geographical and gender distribution of followers. The app shows usernames and other details of new followers and the ones who left. Also, the application enables you to track posts’ performance per timing and hashtags.

In a platform like Instagram, where comments and likes matter, lets you know who interacts most with your photos. Interestingly, the application supports the export of tracked data to presentation, spreadsheet, or PDF for straightforward interpretation. That way, you can plan and improve your marketing strategies to boost your business’ success.


With so many great Instagram tools out there, it’s time you connect with your audience and reinforce your relationships. Understand which applications will fit every Instagram business need and make sure to grab them. Most Instagram tools have paid and free versions. You should consider choosing the paid versions of every service for more features and functions.

About the Author Kyrie Mattos

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