Taking Masturbation to the Next Level with Mutual On-Camera Pleasure

March 29, 2023

The joys of mutual masturbation are only understood by those who’ve taken part in it personally. On the surface, it sounds like little more than a substitute for real sex, where the real thing (for any given reason) isn’t on the menu then. In reality, mutual masturbation actually has the potential to be even more enjoyable than conventional sex.

Surprisingly, things often get even hotter when mutual masturbation occurs long distance. Masturbating in front of a webcam adds the thrill of exhibitionism into the mix, which is where much of the excitement lies for some. Take part in a live sex video call with a partner (or anyone else for that matter), and the whole thing takes on an entirely new guise.

But even with the exhibitionism things pushed aside, there are so many reasons why long-distance mutual masturbation is something you must try out. Whether you’re in a committed relationship with somebody far away or simply looking to hook up with cam girls online, you could be in for a genuinely life-changing experience.

Here’s why mutual on-camera pleasure is unlike any other pleasure you’ve pursued before:

It’s Accessible

One of the cam-based hookups’ biggest and most obvious benefits is their availability. All you need is a connected device with a webcam (even a Smartphone will do) and a private setting with minimal distractions.

Mutual webcam masturbation sessions can be as quick or as lingering as you like – a great way to kill time when you have a few minutes to spare in your day.

It Helps Keep Long-Distance Relationships Hot

As anyone who has ever been involved in one will process, long-distance relationships are hard work. The absence of sex, in particular, can make it difficult to keep things on track long-term.

But who’s to say you have to be physically together to enjoy all the pleasure you need to keep things hot? Mutual masturbation via webcam can be the perfect substitute for conventional sex, ensuring you both gain the satisfaction you need to keep you from straying.

It Puts You in Control of Your Own Pleasure

Whichever way you look at it, nobody knows more about how to satisfy you than yourself. The same goes for your partner, who will always know what she wants more than you do. Once you get to grips with this concept, you can start taking immense pleasure been watching your partner pleasure herself.

Not to mention, pleasure yourself in any way you like, while giving her the pleasure of watching you do so.

It Can Make You a Better Lover

When you masturbate together, you both learn invaluable lessons about how to be a better lover. When the time comes for you to be together in the real world, you’ll doubt what you need to do and how. But here’s the thing – watch your partner pleasure herself enough times, and you’ll gradually build the knowledge and skills you need to satisfy her in ways she’s never before experienced.

It Paves the Way for Experimentation

The best way to take virtual sex to the next level is to bring sex toys. There’s a huge market for male sex toys, which is worth looking at if you’re out of touch. You can even pick up remote control devices you can control on behalf of one another, bringing something even more intimate into your masturbation sessions. In any case, getting busy together on camera gives you the perfect excuse to go shopping for a few accessories.

It Builds Confidence

It’s no secret that confidence holds the key to better sex. Something that holds just as true in the real world as it does online.

Putting yourself on camera and enjoying yourself in front of a long-distance partner takes balls, literal and figurative. It’s not the kind of thing you can do if you are a shrinking violet, so a good deal of confidence is needed.

Over time, it can help you build supreme confidence that translates to better skills and more satisfying sex life in the real world. Something your partner will thank you for when the time comes.

About the Author Kyrie Mattos

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