The Bad Impact of Playing Gambling on the Psychological Conditions of Players

September 9, 2023

With the development of the times, many lines of life are also growing and even seem advanced. Likewise what is happening in the world of technology, which is increasingly sophisticated day by day and has positive and negative impacts on all existing lines of life.

Technological developments have also had an influence on the world of gambling in Indonesia and around the world, whereas in the past you could only play gambling games offline. So now this is no longer valid, because you can already play gambling games online. This is of course thanks to the support and influence of technological developments which are developing rapidly.

There are so many gambling games that you can play online, from slot games to cockfighting games that you can also play online at mega888 Malaysia. However, you need to know that playing gambling games will have a bad impact on your life. There are so many bad impacts of playing gambling that you should consider before you finally decide to play offline gambling games, especially online gambling.

As someone who has not actually entered the world of gambling, you should give up your intention to gamble because you will not be able to control and face the losses that you can feel from playing gambling. In fact, from all walks of life you will also feel like you are at a loss, not only in economic terms.

When you play gambling games, it’s not only economic matters that you will feel what is called a loss, even the religious and psychological fields will also be affected which is very worrying. Moreover, regarding the economy, you will be drained so great without any rewards or benefits that you can see in real terms and are just hopes.

And the bad effects of playing gambling that are most worrying are the psychological effects that can directly affect the mentality you have, not a few people who play gambling games end up dying or going crazy because they are depressed with gambling games that they constantly want to play. This is of course very worrying, you should never even think about dirtying it and looking for mental illness by playing Mega888 Malaysia gambling.

If you are curious about the negative psychological impacts that you can experience if you play gambling, then read the following information so that you understand that gambling is a game that is very dangerous for your psychological health and all other areas of life.


The basic nature of gambling games is that they are addictive, when you have experienced gambling games once, you will continue to be addicted to continuing to play gambling games. The bad impact of playing gambling is really felt in your life, even though you have experienced a lot of losses and are very big, you will still feel compelled to continue playing gambling games without stopping.

You will not feel tired of playing gambling games even though you have experienced defeat, especially if you have experienced victory then you will not be able to stop playing gambling.


When you start playing gambling games, you just want to keep playing gambling games and this makes you lazy to do other activities which of course you actually have to do. You will become lazy in every way, be it eating, drinking, bathing, working, worshiping, and you will skip all other activities and just play gambling games.

This is very disturbing, of course, because it can disrupt your body’s health and because being lazy about moving will cause bone problems and being lazy about eating will disrupt your digestive system.

Decreased Memory

In a study, it was stated that the bad impact of gambling is that it can reduce your memory. This is because your brain’s nerves are cut off and your memory decreases because you only remember things about gambling and gambling activities that you like to do continuously and repeatedly in the same cycle so that you only remember those things and ignore other things.

Unfocused Concentration

The next bad impact that you can experience due to gambling games is that your concentration will not focus on the daily activities that you should be doing. This is because you will only continue to remember the gambling activities that have become your daily cycle. When you do other activities, you will not feel focused on what you are doing.

This will have a bad impact on other types of gambling, because when you do something without focus then what you do will just be done casually and not be optimal. What is certain is that this will be very detrimental to you personally and the people who participate in the activities you do together.

Short Thinking (Desperate)

The next psychological impact that can be dangerous for you is that you will always think short-term or be reckless in doing something. This is very dangerous because when you want to play gambling games, you will be determined to do anything so that you can get money and play gambling games according to your wishes.

You will not want to give up your desire to play gambling games and you will find all kinds of ways to be able to play gambling. Because your short-sightedness and recklessness are the bad effects of gambling, it is not surprising that many cases of theft, robbery, robbery and murder are based on gambling. It’s not just psychological problems that are detrimental to you, but because of this psychological impact it will cause you social problems that are actually dangerous.


Obesity is also one of the bad effects that you can experience because of gambling games, this is because you will be lazy to move and don’t want to do other activities so you will only eat and gamble without being balanced with exercise and other activities so that obesity can not occur. You avoid it again and of course it will disturb your appearance and can make your spirits down looking at your appearance.

High Obsession

Someone who plays gambling and has been involved in the world of gambling for a long time will definitely have a high obsession with achieving something or a desire that he wants. When you experience defeat in gambling, you will still want to continue playing due to your high obsession in order to get the wins and prizes that you dream of.

Those are the bad effects of playing gambling in the psychological field which will endanger you personally and also the people who are in your environment, of course.

About the Author Elle Gellrich

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