The Best 3 Bitcoin And Blockchain Books For Kids And Non-Technical Adults

October 13, 2022

When we were young, we had classes where we learned about different currencies and how they functioned. It is widely believed that the current generation will be forced to use digital money as a means of commerce and will be living in a fully developed, blockchain-based society. That being said, you and your offspring should educate themselves on this cutting-edge technology regardless of the eventual fate of crypto assets.

Since its mainstream acceptance, numerous books have been published on Bitcoin (BTC). Even though the vast majority of Bitcoin News and novels in shops are aimed at adults, a new wave of writers is penning tales about the cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology specifically for younger readers.

Take a look below to learn about three Bitcoin books suitable for young readers that you may bring along on your next family vacation.

Bitcoin Money: A Tale Of Bitville Discovering Good Money

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for your kids this year, look no further than Bitcoin Money. This picture book by Michael Caras (The Bitcoin Rabbi) and Marina Yakubivska (aka The Bitcoin Princess) answers the question “Why Bitcoin?” for readers of all ages.

In the novel, you’ll visit a place called Bitville. The children of Bitville recognize that they need tools to facilitate trade among themselves. A peculiar youngster has just relocated to Bitville, a community that is actively experimenting with various forms of currency, and he has recommended that people use Bitcoin.

The book is brilliantly written, and the images are clear and easy to follow, making even advanced concepts like Bitcoin and currency accessible to young readers. This book by Caras delves deep into the history of currency, the birth of Bitcoin, and the value of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

Bitcoin: The Future of Money (Kids Guide)

Another great Bitcoin book for kids is Bitcoin: The Future of Money (Kids Guide) by A. D. Largie and Sabrina Pichardo.

The brief 42-page book follows a time traveler who has come back from the future to share his knowledge of the monetary system of the future.

In addition, the writers take the reader on a voyage through time by comparing and contrasting the history of money with its current and future incarnations. Young and old alike will benefit from this book’s explanation of cryptocurrency fundamentals. The book’s images also include a diverse cast of characters, which will appeal to a larger readership.

Any young person interested in learning more about digital currency, its applications, its potential advantages, and financial literacy, in general, would do well to read this book.

B is for Bitcoin

Graeme Moore’s B is for Bitcoin is the first alphabet book dedicated to cryptocurrency for children. Your child may learn the alphabet while learning terms like Altcoin, Bitcoin, Consensus, and many more that are relevant to the world of cryptocurrencies. This book provides a straightforward explanation of Bitcoin for young readers.

Moore, a vice president of marketing, published the book in 2015 after getting completely engrossed with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The book’s fantastic visuals make even the most complex concepts clear to young readers. However, if parents want to introduce their children to the world of digital currencies, this is a terrific book to read aloud to them, despite the fact that some of the terminologies may be above their heads.

In Conclusion

So there you have it: the best three books to read if you want to learn about Bitcoin. However, if you want to get your hands dirty, you may start investing in trading via sites like Immediate Edge, where you can also discover alternatives like Ether. But before putting your money into it, ensure you’ve studied the correct instructional resources.

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