The Top 4 Blockchain Books You Should Buy In 2022

October 13, 2022

Blockchain is a fantastic technological innovation that will drastically alter the nature of online business and finance. One way to get ahead in this new industry is to educate yourself on blockchain technology, the backbone of all bitcoin transactions. Let’s check over some blockchain-related reading materials.

Nathaniel Popper’s “Digital Gold”

If you’re new to blockchain technology and want to know all the hype and why people are so enthusiastic about it, then start with Digital Gold. Since the inception of Bitcoin, hype has been created about this new technology, and today most individuals are investing in crypto assets through platforms like Coinbase, Quantum AI, and eToro.

Written by a New York Times writer who’d been given privy to a few of the initial talks surrounding the design, coding, and refining of blockchains, Popper chronicles the exploits of the eccentric billionaires, programmers, and even criminals who dedicated themselves to inventing a new form of money for the era of the internet.

All in all, it’s a great read that provides true journalism with the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Digital Gold is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in blockchain technology who wants to dive into a fascinating and exciting read.

The Infinite Machine

The Infinite Machine is a fantastic resource if you want to learn more about blockchain technology. An in-depth account of the birth and development of Ethereum, the second biggest blockchain. People, ideas, and the overarching trajectory are discussed from the first years up to 2020. A must-read, without a doubt!

Vitalik’s brilliant concept is unveiled in The Infinite Machine, which also explains Ethereum’s tumultuous early days. The platform’s infinite scalability, the resulting regulatory scrutiny, Wall Street interest, and the efforts of Ethereum’s original developers to make their platform accessible to the masses are then discussed in detail.

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are complex subjects; thus, Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction is a beginner’s guide that scratches the surface.

Similar to Digital Gold, Blockchain Basics does not assume any familiarity with programming languages on the reader’s part. Blockchain Basics, on the other hand, is intended for the reader who is less interested in the history of blockchain and its inventors and more concerned with learning the technology’s fundamentals.

The book provides a high-level overview of blockchain technology, including its benefits, drawbacks, and possible future applications.

Mastering Blockchain

Suppose you want to understand the inner workings of cryptocurrencies and how to build apps on Ethereum, a decentralized virtual computer. It would be best to read Mastering Blockchain: Distributed ledger technology, decentralization, and smart contracts explained in that case. Hyperledger is a Linux Foundation-led initiative to accelerate the adoption and use of blockchain technology across industries. Within Hyperledger, you’ll be introduced to enterprise blockchain frameworks and allowed to investigate alternative blockchain solutions. You will also learn about blockchain’s scalability, potential future applications, and how to build blockchain solutions outside monetary systems.


This bibliography of commercial and technical literature will help you learn about blockchain technology and its use in your enterprises. Investing in cryptocurrencies may be done without a deep understanding of blockchain technology. You can get started with markets if you know the fundamentals of investing and recognize buy/sell signals. Get your feet wet by reading about the origins, inner workings, and best practices of the industry you want to invest.

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