The Versatility of Vinyl Decals

November 19, 2021

Before you proceed further, you may find yourself asking why to read an article on stickers and their role in marketing! There’s nothing to know much about them except that companies print their logo and order them in a bunch. They keep them on the tables of a trade event counter in anticipation that someone will come and pick and stick them somewhere. But if your understanding is limited to that, then we would like to differ. Yes, stickers are those humble things that we use to paste on surfaces. Yet, you can use these same humble stickers for a wider variety of purposes. Here’s how you can do it.

Brand vehicle

The most usual way these decals find their way into the world of marketing is as a brand vehicle. A company places an order in a bunch to get the stickers printed with their logos and distribute them to loyal clients. Most probably, you will find them displayed on a table at a trade show. You may even find them tucked in a box used to deliver a product that you ordered. Car bumpers, lamp posts, laptops – you may find them on any imaginable surface that can be used to stick these decals. This is the usual part.

If we suggest that you ask your potential customers to click a picture with these stickers and post it to your social media page, it will then create a volunteer sales force. The more people will like, comment, or share those pictures, the more prominence you will gain. Isn’t it a unique way of promoting one’s business through these vinyl decals?


Products come in various shapes and sizes. It’s not always possible to print on the packages. Glossy materials, glass surfaces, and curved exterior are some of them. In such cases, companies use premium quality decals for labeling their products. These stickers come with various advantages. They are water and UV-resistant and are durable. For adding information to self-contained food items (like apples or oranges), you can also use these stickers.

Sharing information

Often office places have information that they want to convey to their in-person visitor. Using stickers for this purpose can be beneficial as they will present something in a visually appealing way without you spending much. Accepted payment types, office hours, accreditations – you can convey all these in this way.

Interior decoration

Infuse a new life into a bland wall in your office by using wall decals and creating an interesting space for the employees to work in. You can remove them whenever you want and put up a new design to change the look.

Car/ Vehicle wraps

Vinyl decals are so flexible that you can use them to transform the exterior of your old car. They will instantly change the appearance of your vehicle. Wraps are easy to remove, and you can get back your old car in no time without causing any damage to the paint.

For promoting a business, vehicles wraps have established themselves as a good marketing tool. You can reach a large section of the people through the moving advertisements.


Try to use the decals for these purposes, and we are sure you will never regret your decision. You can use them in any other way you like.

About the Author Prabhakaran

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