Ultimate Guide to Proofreading Academic Essays

January 21, 2018

It is not a secret that many students prefer to order important papers online rather than writing them on their own. By ordering a paper from a reliable writing company, you get a number of advantages. Besides, you can be confident that the paper will get the highest score and will not spoil the results of your hard work during the term.

If you are one of those who prefer to avoid risk, you might want to read more about the WriteMyEssays service. There, you get not only high-quality writing service but all the possible assistance with your paper if you have any questions.

Proofreading Is an Important Stage in the Paper Writing Process

But if you decide to write your academic essay on your own, you should be confident that you do it all correctly. Of course, you have all the materials and instructions. We do not doubt that you will be able to handle this task in the best possible way.

Proofreading tips for academic essays

Make sure your essay has a common essay structure: an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. Arrange all your ideas in a logical order. Make sure you build the correct transitions from one paragraph to another.

Base your academic essay first of all on materials and sources provided by your teacher. Of course, you can add your own sources. But your teacher will expect to see the ideas discussed in the sources he/she has provided.

And then, don’t forget to proofread your academic paper. Many students ignore this stage because they believe that they have done everything perfectly. However, you will be surprised to find out later how many changes are needed.

How to Proofread Your Paper: Detailed Instruction

Hence, you have just completed writing your important essay. Now, you are hurrying to proofread it and to submit your paper. Wait though. Hurrying is not the best method to get the best score.

  • Put your paper aside. We are sure you have written it well in advance. So, you can afford a short break before you start with proofreading. How long can you wait? One or two days would be perfect. You will not forget the content but you will be able to perceive it with a fresh mind.
  • After the break, accommodate yourself comfortably. Make sure nothing distracts you from this important mission: proofreading.
  • Now, read the entire paper peacefully. Check if you can read it effortlessly enough. If you stumble in some places, mark them: you will need to fix them later. If you find some sentences that you are struggling to understand, mark them, as well. They need to be rewritten. Now, you understand why we have advised you to take a break before starting with the proofreading.
  • After you have fixed the issues discovered during the first reading, move to a more detailed procedure. Check each sentence. Does it sound flawless? Are there any issues with grammar? If you see that some parts can be perceived in a way you don’t want to, change them. Correct all the grammar issues.
  • Now, it is time for a very detailed job. Check the spelling of each word. Yes, it is a laborious task, but in the end, it pays off. We are sure you will find at least some typos and errors. You might just run the spellcheck function, however, it doesn’t detect all the errors. So, if you want a perfect paper, you can count on yourself only.
  • Finally, after all these procedures are over, read the entire paper once more. Now, it should sound perfect. However, with this, the proofreading is not over.
  • If you have an opportunity, ask your friend or relative to read your academic essay. If they understand each sentence, you can be confident that you can submit your paper.

Does it sound too complicated? Well, maybe it is a little bit time-demanding. Some students believe that it is too troublesome and not worth the effort. In the very end, you are the only one who decides whether you need it or not.

If you prefer an easier option, you can always place an order with a reliable writing company. There, the best writers will take care of your academic essay or any other paper. Then, you can count on the highest quality that is possible in the given circumstances, on timely delivery, and on compliance with all your requirements.

And if you have some questions about the paper, you can always ask the writer who has prepared it for you. Usually, the best writing companies have such an option. And whatever you prefer: writing your paper on your own or ordering it, make sure you know what it is about and understand each word in it. 

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