Why Buy HHC In Bulk

July 28, 2022

Buying HHC in bulk might not occur to you unless you decide to jump on the opportunity to resell the cannabinoid product in your online or physical store. Despite HHC being a new product rapidly rising in the industry, taking the opportunity of delving into the industry this early and selling high-quality HHC products in different forms can be highly profitable. 

Therefore, suppose you would like to know more about why to buy HHC in bulk. This post will discuss why buying HHC in bulk might be preferable and some recommended brands to get HHC from. So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Buy HHC In Bulk? 

There are several reasons why you should consider buying HHC in bulk but first, let’s think about the growing demand and use of this product. As a result, buying it in bulk for your needs will save you the stress of finding a high-quality one now and then. Still, let’s take a look at why you should buy HHC in bulk. 

You own an HHC business

Are you thinking of starting a business selling HHC? It’s not a bad idea considering that the industry is thriving. The US CBD market is predicted to hit around $13 billion by 2023, and investing in it now might be an excellent choice. 

So, once you have researched and found a supplier with high-quality HHC products, purchasing it in bulk is recommended instead of in smaller portions to reduce recurring delivery costs and stress.

You use HHC for medical conditions

HHC is a new addition to the cannabinoid industry, and with its growing popularity and use, it’s not going away soon. So, if you have a medical condition that requires you to use HHC, you can be assured that buying the cannabinoid product in bulk is an excellent decision. 

Note that buying in bulk is cheaper, and you will have access to the medicine in stock at all times. However, you must ensure that you do not break any state or federal regulations when purchasing the cannabinoid in bulk.

To save yourself from purchasing lower-quality HHC

Purchasing HHC in bulk saves you a lot of stress and time because you do not need to research a supplier and the quality of their HHC products every time you need to make a small quantity purchase. It will also save you from buying low-grade cannabis if you run out of it and your supplier doesn’t have any. 

Again, it is advised that if you are a frequent user or you sell HHC, buy it in bulk and keep track of the quantity you have left at all times to avoid exhausting the portion you purchased with no plans to refill immediately. 

Some Top HHC Wholesale Vendors

Several brands in the market deliver top-quality HHC wholesale products. However, here are some top vendors you can’t go wrong with. So, if you do not have the liberty to do thorough research, you can go with these vendors to ensure you get high-quality products.

Exhale Wellness

Exhale wellness is a top brand well known for its high-quality HHC products. The brand has been featured in several top reviews in Forbes, LA Times, and similar top magazines. With a wide range of products in different forms, the brand does justice to creating vast HHC products to satisfy everybody’s needs. 

Exhale Wellness stocks many HHC products, allowing you to choose from their gummy cubes, oils, disposable vape cart, pre-rolls, and flowers. Yet, despite producing many HHC products, some products come in different varieties to appeal to more customers. For instance, the Exhale Wellness HHC vape cartridge comes in three varieties: Pineapple Express, Purple Space, and Sour Candy. 

Similarly, the pre-rolls come in three types as well. Thus, if you are into the business of selling HHC, buying from Exhale Wellness will help you provide your customers with a larger inventory. Additionally, you can be assured that all the brand’s products are 100% natural; thus, Farm Bill compliant. Finally, with every purchase, you will also be open to a money-back guarantee if the product isn’t of good quality. 

Delta Extrax

Customers love Delta Extrax because of its full transparency of the production process. The plants are grown organically with no chemicals, and then the brand proceeds to source HHC from the hemp plant, thus making the product federally legal. The brand has produced high-quality delta-8, delta-10, and other products and now manufactures premium HHC products. 

Like most wholesale vendors, Delta Extrax sells various HHC products in different forms, including cartridges, disposables, gummies, and even branded t-shirts. The brand uses 100% pure hemp for its product and does not add any additives that might influence the effect of the HHC product. 

Suppose you decide to purchase bulk HHC from Delta Extract. In that case, you can be assured that you aren’t committing a crime because the brands get their hemp plant from industry-standard farms in the US, prioritize quality and ensure that all products undergo third-party testing before being sold to buyers.  

Eagle Moon Hemp

This is another transparent HHC vendor. The family-run business stocks varieties of HHC products in different forms. Thus, you can purchase bulk HHC gummies, distillate, cartridges, and more from the brand. Eagle Moon Hemp also sells ready-made products that leave you with nothing to do, including repackaging. 

This perk is attached to getting involved with their private labeling program. With this program, the brand can help you customize your products and leave you with ready-made products you could sell directly. However, you can also purchase wholesale HHC products without the customization from the brand.


You might need to purchase HHC products in bulk for several reasons, but you must purchase from a licensed vendor to avoid getting illegal or low-quality products. Also, buying wholesale will leave you with a larger stock for longer and save you the stress of frequent research, testing, and purchase. For more information, visit https://www.stateofmindlabs.com/store/HHC-Distillate-p428697558

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