Why Is LASIK Eye Surgery Cost is so Expensive?

January 27, 2023

In the past, the only way to alleviate vision problems for a long time was through glasses. When contact lenses became available, people with vision problems no longer had to carry their glasses around. Everything changed with LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis), a laser-powered surgery, everything changed. If you are wondering about LASIK eye surgery cost, then you would be interested to know that you can get Ultra Lasik for $1000, and they have international clients that trust their expertise. 

If you are wondering why it’s so expensive in the USA, then the following are ten reasons why LASIK is so expensive.

1. No Insurance Coverage 

Likely, your LASIK surgery will not be covered by insurance if you have a good policy. Therefore, you are responsible for paying the entire cost of the surgery. Saving that kind of money is difficult for many people, especially if they require surgery on both eyes.

The surgery isn’t considered essential or life-saving by insurance companies. LASIK surgery, for example, won’t cause death in most cases. You’ll continue to suffer from your current vision problems. The insurance companies categorize LASIK surgery as cosmetic or elective.

When it comes to cosmetics, they’re only done to improve your appearance or enhance your life. Having the surgery will not restore your sight if you are blind. Your vision is improved as a result of this procedure. Instead of curing, it improves.

An elective surgery or procedure is one a person chooses. If they don’t have the surgery, there won’t be a threat to their livelihood or survival. Either way, your life remains the same.

Many people undergo surgery because they want their vision problems to be resolved or reduced. Despite the cost, their lives can be dramatically improved by it.

It’s not considered a medically necessary procedure by insurance companies, and therefore, they won’t cover the cost. Because LASIK must be paid for out of pocket, it can be costly. 

2. Cost Per Eye

LASIK is also expensive because you have to pay for each eye separately. Doctors and surgeons often do not need to operate on both eyes, and individuals sometimes have one good eye and the other a poor one. The cost of surgery for only one eye is lower. When both eyes need to be operated on, LASIK becomes more costly. 

The surgery you were going to have for $3,000 becomes $6,000. For many people, even if they could almost afford $3,000, a $6,000 surgery is unaffordable. A surgeon might sometimes bundle prices. Most likely, you will have to pay for both eyes, and each eye needs to be treated separately, which makes LASIK an expensive procedure.

3. One-Time Expense

The cornea is reshaped using LASIK surgery using a laser. Light hits the retina as it should, and this results in better vision for people. Most corneal reshaping procedures are one-time expenses due to the laser’s ability to reshape the cornea. Sometimes, people may need a second eye if their vision deteriorates.

The surgeon may need to examine the eye again if an injury occurs. In most cases, patients only need the surgery once, and since their vision stays the same, they never need to get it again.

As it is a one-time expense, surgeons maximize the amount of the surgery. As far as this particular procedure is concerned, they know this individual will likely never return. Due to their expenses and bills, they need to maximize their revenue from the surgery.

As a result, they charge a high price for the surgery. Those seeking surgery will only have to pay a high price once, which is a benefit. LASIK is expensive because it is a one-time surgery, and the surgeon must make the most of the procedure possible.  

4. Cost Covers Everything

A good thing about the price tag is that it covers everything, and this also explains why LASIK is so expensive. Your payment covers the surgery, the pre-surgery examinations, and any post-operative care you might need.

LASIK is, therefore, more cost-effective over the long run than buying glasses and contacts. Those are expenses that you will have to pay throughout your life.

If your vision changes with age, you will need a new prescription from the eye doctor every few years. Therefore, you’ll need new contact lenses and glasses.

LASIK is costly, but only because you pay everything upfront. Aside from the surgery, the cost also includes other expenses, and therefore, it is more expensive. In addition to paying for surgery, you also pay for the doctor’s time to care for and meet with you before and after the procedure. The price includes additional care if you need it after the surgery. 

5. Surgeon Quality

Your eye surgery will not always cost $2,000 to $3,000, and it’s just an average price. The cost of each eye may be much higher than you expected. Depending on the quality of your surgeon, it may cost more than the average amount. Qualified surgeons handle LASIK procedures unless you go to a scammer. As a result, each surgeon has a unique set of abilities.

Various surgeons have different levels of experience with the procedure, and others may have additional skills or knowledge to benefit your operation or care afterward. Experienced surgeons will be in higher demand if they have more advice and experience. A surgeon with this reputation usually has much better results and a faster recovery.

Due to the high demand for surgeons, their prices can be higher. It is because there is only one surgeon to handle everything. As a result of the high demand and low supply, surgeons charge a high price. High-quality surgeons with a lot of experience trust LASIK more.

6. Type Of Surgical Center

A surgery’s price can also be influenced by the place where it is performed. Surgical centers can be expensive by their very nature, regardless of whether or not they have costly surgeons. Some centers also offer luxury treatments or spa facilities. These services revolve around treating yourself and investing in your happiness, and luxury services come at a luxury price.

If LASIK surgery, prices may be inflated if the center has a reputation for offering high-quality or luxurious services. Some centers specialize solely in LASIK surgery, in addition to luxury spas. A LASIK center whose sole source of revenue is LASIK is also more expensive.

 It is unlikely they will be able to count on repeat customers since LASIK surgery usually takes place only once. The goal is to make as much money as possible from each service. A center offering a variety of cosmetic procedures is different from this.

LASIK surgeries are cheaper at these centers because they offer other services, which help them cover their expenses. LASIK can be expensive, depending on where you have it done. 

7. Cost And Quality Of Surgical Equipment

Some specialized tools are required for LASIK. There is a laser and a blade used for cutting. Computer programs tell the laser where to cut the eye. Equipment of this caliber is costly, and regular maintenance and sterilization are also necessary for frequent use. A malfunctioning laser should never be anywhere near an eye. The surgeon pays a fairly significant fee to ensure a safe and ready laser for the subsequent surgery.

The advancement of different lasers also accompanies the improvement of vision health. Owning a suitable laser isn’t enough, and there will likely be an even better one will likely be available in a few years. Because of this, surgeons must invest continually in their equipment to provide the best care. 

As a consequence, they lose patients to surgeons offering the latest technology. LASIK centers emphasize this as a significant selling point. Patients will be attracted to surgeons with the latest equipment, and revenue will be lost to those needing the newest equipment.

They continually invest in their centers to provide their patients with the best equipment. The cost is high, and LASIK surgery is expensive to cover these costs and any future ones. New LASIK equipment is costly, which makes LASIK expensive.

8. Complex Eye Problems

As long as an individual isn’t blind, LASIK can treat almost any vision problem. Some cases, however, may be more complex and, therefore, more expensive. Your surgeon may discover during your examination that your vision problem or another complication will complicate the procedure.

In cases where the surgeon needs to do something other than trimming the cornea to complete the surgery, you can expect the surgery to cost more. Depending on your particular case, the surgeon may not be able to schedule as many people as planned, and consequently, they lose money.

Your particular surgery is charged at a higher rate to compensate for the loss of revenue. It is also possible to think of it in terms of an hourly wage. If your procedure takes longer, they will charge you for as long as you use their services. If the complication requires the surgeon to use different tools or even bring in a specialist, this also adds to the cost of your operation. To make up for those costs, they charge you more. LASIK is expensive if you have a complicated case.

9. Financing Interest Rates

Many centers offer financing for LASIK surgery due to its high cost. When you finance your surgery, you can pay for it over a few months. There are different financing terms at each center, and some of them include interest. Whenever interest is added, you can expect your pay to increase.

Some surgical centers make even more money from their patients this way. Surgical centers only sometimes handle financing themselves and instead partner with other institutions to finance. An interest rate will undoubtedly be associated with a loan from a finance company, and they earn money through it.

You may not have to pay little interest on top of your original surgical bill if you find a low-interest rate. Some companies, however, charge higher interest rates. Due to this, you could pay much more than expected. LASIK surgery costs are already high, but when you add interest, you end up paying much more.

Saving for the surgery or looking for a financing company that does not charge interest will keep LASIK more affordable. After financing the surgery, LASIK becomes expensive when interest is incurred. 

10. Geographic Location

One final reason for LASIK’s high cost is its location, and an urban surgical center will be more expensive. Due to its location, it is accessible to a large population. Since public transportation is readily available for singles, they can also get surgery easier.

If you do not have public transportation, you must rely on others to take you home after surgery. Those who have that kind of resource may be allowed to receive treatment. LASIK centers in urban settings are more expensive due to greater demand, and having a larger population makes the surgery more attractive to potential patients.

There may not be more surgeons, or operating tables may not be available to meet that demand. Increasing prices will help drive down demand for the center, and it differs from a suburban or rural center. There is a smaller pool of people to draw from since the population is smaller. With less demand for their services, they lower the price to attract more clients.

The cost of LASIK depends on where the center is located.

How To Save Money On LASIK Surgery

Even though LASIK surgery won’t extend your life, it can significantly improve the quality of your life. It can, however, be prohibitively expensive. The good news is that there are a few ways in which you can save money.

You can save money on LASIK surgery in these few ways. 

1. Search Through Insurance Policies

Vision coverage is included in some of the more expensive insurance policies. They might contribute some money to LASIK even if they don’t cover the entire cost. It’s always good to be able to avoid paying money. Check if your current insurance policy covers laser surgery or vision surgery.

You can always do so if you decide to downgrade after the surgery. The cost of LASIK can be significantly reduced with an insurance policy that covers the procedure. To save money this way, you may need to do some searching and applying.

2. Zero-Interest Financing Plans

The financing plan you use to cover the cost of LASIK surgery is another great way to save money. Using the center’s financing plans may seem convenient, but if they include interest payments, you should seek another financing provider. Save money by not letting convenience get in your way.

Make sure you look at a variety of lending companies. You can get zero interest rates if you pay within a specific time. CareCredit is one of these companies. To pay for the LASIK surgery, you use their credit card. Pay back the amount you owe monthly to prevent them from charging you interest.

You can also choose from several payment plans to make sure you can make your payments on time. LASIK surgery can be arranged almost immediately with this card because it functions as a credit card. Saving money is possible by finding financing plans with zero-interest rates.

3. Deals And Specials

LASIK centers occasionally offer deals and specials. Make sure you keep track of how much they promise to discount the price. As far as LASIK is concerned, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Watch out for specials that have qualifying conditions. The standard amount will be charged in most cases if you don’t qualify.

You can save a few hundred dollars by looking for the best deal, but you won’t find something under $200 or even $500. There are scammers, low-quality surgeons, or disclaimers at that low cost. You can save money on your LASIK surgery by carefully researching the sale or special. 


Patients with vision problems who wish to regain clear vision can benefit from LASIK surgery. Many people, however, cannot afford the surgery because of its high cost. Several factors make LASIK surgery expensive, including its one-time nature and costly equipment.

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