6 In-Demand Skills and Careers in the U.S

May 17, 2022

The effects of the preceding COVID-19 pandemic can still be felt two years later. The pandemic largely affected the employment sector, forcing some companies to stop recruiting and others to reduce staff strength. However, it opened new opportunities, especially in the online space.

Due to this crisis, several job opportunities that didn’t exist years ago are currently among the most in-demand careers throughout the U.S. The demand for job positions, such as vaccine specialists, machine learning engineers, and customer marketing managers has skyrocketed. These positions have contributed to thousands of hires, especially in some of the biggest companies in Denver.

Students who are still contemplating their career paths or employees looking to make career changes should consider the following in-demand skills and jobs in the U.S. 

Which Skills are in High Demand?

To be hired for most in-demand jobs in the United States, you should prove to hiring managers that you have the relevant skills. Below are some of the top in-demand skills that can help job seekers find lucrative employment positions.

  • Artificial intelligence – For the last few years, several companies in the United States and the rest of the world have embraced artificial intelligence to gain insightful data, minimize costs, and streamline workflow. Coupled with machine learning, artificial intelligence can help companies achieve several things. Businesses that adopt AI models are highly prized.
  • Data analysis – Several US companies are searching for employees with excellent data analysis skills. Top-tier data analysts should use their skills to interpret data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions.
  • SEO and SEM – Digital marketing is crucial for all businesses eyeing success. To help such businesses understand the intrigues of digital marketing, they should hire digital marketing experts with proficiency in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
  • Patient care – The demand for healthcare jobs and individuals with patient care skills has skyrocketed, especially after the pandemic. You can qualify for great positions with skills and experience in patient care.
  • Cloud computing – Individuals with cloud computing skills, which include negotiating cloud service providers, cloud migrations, and maintaining data security, are in demand across various industries.
  • Sales leadership – All businesses rely on sales leaders to close deals and make sales. Proficient sales leaders should be excellent communicators, motivational, and have an eye for market gaps.
  • App development – Nearly all businesses have or intend to build a mobile app or website. This has made app development a prized skill in the U.S. If you can code and maneuver graphic design basics, you can easily find employment opportunities in many areas, including the gaming industry.

The Most In-Demand Careers in the U.S

1. Nurse Practitioner

Human health is crucial for a healthy nation, which is why nurse practitioners top the list of the most in-demand jobs in the U.S. The demand for nurse practitioners significantly increased during the pandemic, as more people sought medical attention.

Unlike other professions, nurse practitioners sacrifice and work extensively to ensure that the general population is in good health. This profession attracts a good salary package of approximately $104,440 on average. However, becoming a nurse practitioner requires extensive training and medical education, unlike a registered nurse.

Like physicians or medical doctors, nurse practitioners perform patient physical assessments, diagnose, and formulate treatment plans.

2. Information Security Analyst

The increasing adoption of technology and digital transformation has increased the surface area for cyberattacks. This has made it increasingly crucial for companies to protect their digital infrastructure from cyberattacks and mitigate vulnerabilities. An information security analyst normally carries out cyber security actions in order to protect computer systems and organizational networks.

Cybersecurity experts should also be proficient in ethical hacking, a deliberate effort to explore vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the company’s systems. In the event of an attack, information security analysts are tasked with analyzing the security breach, monitoring the company’s security status, and installing appropriate measures to protect digital infrastructure from future attacks. 

3. Web Development

Web development and design is another in-demand profession in Denver and across the U.S. Web developers are primarily tasked with designing company websites. Websites are currently an important element in this era of increased online or media activities. Companies use websites for marketing their services, reaching a new audience, and increasing brand awareness.

However, the success of a website depends on several factors. Appropriate color choice, layout, font, and images are crucial. Web developers should have great coding skills to create user-friendly and visually appealing sites. Since web design can be done remotely, most web designers freelance from home. 

4.Operations Manager

Operations managers are primarily tasked with ensuring that a company runs well and provides excellent customer service, especially in the current era where the customer is king. While specific roles of operations managers vary from one company to another, general responsibilities include monitoring production, using statistical methods to find solutions, and employee supervision. 

5. Software Engineering

Software engineering or development involves designing and supporting software or applications. A software engineer handles the primary design, development, testing, and maintenance of software. While a computer science degree is recommended, short online and offline courses in programming and other vital topics are enough to equip you with the necessary skills.

6. Massage Therapist

While this may be surprising, the demand for physical and massage therapists in the U.S. is high. These professionals help injury or illness patients manage pain and regain body movements. Like other medical courses, becoming a massage therapist requires extensive education and training, as they have to know specific muscles and soft tissues to manipulate. 


The pandemic clearly demonstrated how volatile job markets are. Various businesses, including retail, hospitality, food service, and service industries, were largely affected. However, as companies bounce back, they face unprecedented labor shortages, with many Americans looking for higher-paying jobs with better working conditions.

If you recently graduated from high school and haven’t decided on your career path, choose a career that guarantees job security and is adaptive to future changes.

About the Author Kyrie Mattos

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