How AI Summarizers Help You Save Time and Be More Efficient

May 14, 2023

AI summarizers are text-summarizing tools powered by artificial intelligence and are used to generate summaries of longer texts. They process the provided text by using NLP technology to detect the important information in it. They compile this information in a way that fully conveys the basic idea of the text.

These tools are proving themselves as the game changer in fields like business, law, academics, etc.

High efficiency and good time management are the basic elements of any productive individual. In this article, we are going to look into how AI summarizers can help you achieve the said productivity.

Before discussing how you can use the potential of AI summarizer to elevate your productivity, let’s get to know…

What are AI Summarizers?

As discussed above, AI summarizers are tools that automatically generate summaries of longer texts by using artificial intelligence. They analyze the most important information given in the text and put it in the concluded summary.

As machines don’t understand the natural input language of human beings, AI summarizers use the NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to understand the language in which the text is provided and then generate a summary in the same language.

AI summarizers work in the following sequence:

  • First, you have to put in the text you want the summarizer to create a summary of.
  • The summarizer then analyzes the text and defines the most important sentences of the text.
  • After that, the tool compiles all these sentences together and gives you a summary of the paragraphs.

These are the basic steps you have to follow while using an AI summarizer tool. Now, let’s talk about…

How do AI Summarizers Save Time and Improve Efficiency?

Utilizing time properly can help you become more productive and efficient in any area of life. You should always be attentive to the ways that can save you time.

While there are many ways to utilize your time and be more efficient, this article only focuses on how AI summarizers help to do so.

Following are some ways through which AI summarizers help save time and improve your efficiency.

Fast and Accurate:

The productivity and efficiency of your work depend on how quickly and accurately can you get your job done. Using AI summarizer to generate summaries is a fast and accurate method to do so.

You can generate summaries of texts within seconds (keeping in mind the length of the text), which can make your work a lot easier.

Imagine you have to read an informational article on the internet. You will have to go through the build-up phase of the article, as many writers try to convey the message in a fluent way. To grab the key information in very less time, you can take the help of the AI summarizer tools.

The tool will provide you with a proper summary of the information that you can use to understand the text fully.

This thing goes the other way as well. Not only can you generate a summary for yourself to understand, but you can also use an AI summarizer to create summaries of your own text for other people.

This method can be used to quickly generate summarized work in academics, business, etc.

For example, in the image given above, the AI summarizer tool has summarized the given paragraph and provided an easier-to-understand summary.

AI summarizers summarize the text accurately. By using different technological methods, they derive the best possible summary of the text, which has the least possibility of errors in it. It can make your work more credible and authentic.

Reduces the Need for Manual Summarization:

Manual summarization can take you a hefty time to read and understand the given text, article, essay, research paper, or blog post. After the reading is done you will have to highlight the key points and then you will have to sit and rephrase those key points to create a summary. This can take your whole day even if it was just a blog post for which you were creating a summary.

Having an AI summarizer in your bookmark can give you the leverage to skip all the hassle and get the summary even without reading the whole stuff. You can the summary of the desired length. For example, if you wanted to create a summary that is almost half the size of the given text then you can select 50% from the given bar. Though this is possible in manual summarization this practice will make you exhausted from counting words each time.

When a work can be done efficiently with a tool then there’s no need to spend hours in manual summarization.

AI summarizers generate unbiased summaries without the addition of personal opinions in it which can be useful in situations where you have cover-up an unbiased topic.

Manual summarization can bring errors because while summarizing one can miss important information. This might change the whole essence of the text.

In short, AI summarizers can reduce the usage of manual summarization to increase the productivity and quality of your work.

Improves Productivity:

Using an AI summarizer can instantly boost productivity in your work. Whether it is to create a summary to understand the text or to make others understand your work, an AI summarizer can do the job instantly and accurately.

As discussed above, increased speed of work can directly increase the efficiency and productivity of the work. You can instantly read and summarize long papers, articles, news, reposts, etc., which can save you a lot of time.

If you have to decide and derive an option about some information quickly, you can use the AI summarizer to provide you with the key elements of the information. On this basis, you can make your decision quickly.

Another way through which AI summarizers increase the productivity of your work is by reducing the number of mistakes and errors that you can make while summarizing the content manually.

Industries That Benefit from AI Summarizers:

AI has been a major part of today’s modern industries. The industries that are using the potential of AI summarizers are as follows:

  • AI summarizers are being used in academics for summarizing purposes. Students and teachers use the tools to summarize long texts like articles, research papers, academic books, etc. They use it to extract important information and skip irrelevant content.
  • Journalists use AI summarizers to grab important information about a topic quickly to present it to their audience.
  • Law firms are also using AI summarizers for their benefit. As legal documents are very lengthy and have lots of information on it, AI summarizers are used to shorten them to get only the important information.
  • Finance and e-commerce firms use AI summarizers to generate summaries of lengthy finance reports.


AI summarizer tools can help you save time and be more efficient in your work. By creating authentic and quality summaries of lengthy texts, these summarizer tools help you grab important information in a very short time. You can spend your important time on the things that matter the most instead of struggling to summarize these texts manually.

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