IPO (Postal Assistant) Gujarat Exam Answer Key

June 1, 2014

Indian Post Office (IPO) has been conducted the Gujurat Postal Asst Exam on 01st June 2014 in various exam centres all over Gujarat states. IPO PA/SA or India Postal Dept. Gujurat Exam 2014 Answer Sheet/Solution Paper/Answer Key will be released very Soon on the Official Website of India Post. Gujurat Postal Exam Solved Paper/Answer Key will be available for Set wise on IPO Official website – http://www.indiapost.gov.in.

Now all appeared candidates are eagerly waiting for check their answers through answer key. India Post Office Gujurat PA/SA Exam Solution Paper/Answer Key/Solved Paper 2014 which will be upload soon for applicants to download from the official Website http://www.indiapost.gov.in/.

India Post Office (IPO) was released PA/SA recruitment notification some times ago so large numbers of the candidate have participated in this exam to start carrier is Indian Postal Department. Indian post Office (IPO) conducted the SA/PA Posts Exam held on 01 June 2014 at a large no. of examination centers of the Gujarat States. Total 8243 posts will be filled on basis of the written exam.

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All those Candidates who have been chosen their Exam Center of IPO PA/SA appeared in the IPO Exam on 01 June 2014. IPO SA-PA Gujrat answer keyIPO GJ Post Office Exam Answer Key/Solved Paper 2014, will available here as soon as possible. This will help you to prepare for the next step, and you can plan accordingly for future.

IPO Gujarat PA/SA Post Exam 2014 Solved Paper/Answer Key will be Available Set wise and Paper-wise like English IPO Paper, IPO Reasoning Paper, Solved Maths Postal Assistant Exam, Answer Key of Paper I & Paper II will be Uploaded Respectively.

The Gujarat Circle will upload the Official Answer Key in the website shortly. The candidates are advised to watch the website regularly to download the official answer key. With the Help of Cut Off Marks the Candidates will be able to find the they will pass in the Exam or not.

If you finds an answer wrong then please comment  the correct answer.

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      1. 25% is right..
        sir, my merit is 72/100.. have i chance to select ??? general category..
        what should be merit ?? please reply..
        i m very excited about this exam

      2. Plezz puspender sir muje bataye ki mera final selection hoga ya nhi st ki cutt of 52 h mere 58 nambur h writtn m typing m 34 ki speed or 28 data entary h plezz muje bataye sir

      1. x-rays are stream of photon or electron ?
        me electron select karyu che ne gk na sectional cut off ma mare 1 mark j gahte che jo electron sachu hoi to hu select thav naitar nai so plz. tell me .what is right answer? thanks in advance

  1. (m-n)3+(n-r)3+(m-r)3
    _________________ + ? (1)1/2 (2)1/3 (3)1/4 (4)1/6
    plz sir rite answer option-1 2 3 4

    1. In the above question, Let (m-n)=a, (n-r)=b,(r-n)=c
      then, a+b+c=0 and so a3+b3+c3=3abc
      Hence the answer is 1/2.

  2. Mizoram is famous for bananas so in 10th question right ans is (C)Both 1 & 2

    Ref:- Horticulture Department of Mizoram. In their site banana is 2nd after oranges…….

  3. please update your score in this 3 sections. this time because of the lesser no of application as well as high court exam most of the candidates are going to be selected.

  4. in 4 swctions..
    Maths 24
    Reasoning 22
    English 13
    Gk 13..
    In general category…
    What do u think ?? have i chance ?? i heared thar merit should be high this tym approx 75..
    Is It Right ???

  5. I have 45-50 marks. more then 8 marks in all section in PA/SA Exam,Gujarat i’m in S.C. Category …any Chance ?

  6. Hi Friends,Below is some of Answer of PA/SA Gujarat Circle 2014 Exam.As per my opinion may be any of them is incorrect :
    Series D :
    ==>Part D ( Reasoning ) :
    79.D) ..may be
    80.C)36 Years
    82.C)North – West
    86.D)60 Years
    97.B)64 (Not Sure may be wrong)
    ==>Part A (General Knowledge ) :
    1.A) M. J. Akbar
    3.C)Madhya Pradesh
    5.A)More than 99%
    9.A)Carbon Dioxide
    10.B)Industrial Sector(May be)
    12.A)Canary Current
    13.B)4th February
    14.C)Bhanu Athaiya
    15.B)Giant Panda
    16.C)Sealdah – New Delhi
    19.C)Lewis Carroll
    20.C)February 28
    21.C)VD Savarkar
    22.C)Both 1 and 2(May Be)
    23.C)A word Processing Software

    26.A)Rs. 144
    28.C)16 2/3
    33.D)Rs. 640
    34.C)X^3/10(Not Sure)
    35.D)Rs. 155
    37.B)20%(Not Sure)
    41.A)Rs. 166.40
    42.B)6 Hours
    44.C)23 Min
    45.A)8 Days
    46.D)10 Days
    50.A)110° (Not Sure)

      1. Hi Friend,
        Gujarat Circle exam official key Released.
        Generally answer are correct.But if you found mistake then first login to your account.click on Answer key , then Post Observation/Representation.
        Then select Question and Justify answer.

        Respected Sir,
        As Per this Question :
        59.On the basis of the given sentence pick out the correct sentence converted in Future Tense from the given options:
        We swam in the river.
        (A) We will swam in the river (B) We shall swim in the river
        (C) We shall swum in the river
        (D) We swum in the river

        Answer should be :
        (B) We shall swim in the river

        ==>Because in future tense :
        The structure of the future simple tense is:
        ==>subject + auxiliary verb WILL + main verb

        ==>As per answer in given PDF file is
        (C) We shall swum in the river

        ==>Also future perfect is composed of two elements :
        >shall/will have + the past participle of the main verb
        Future perfect of given Question should be
        ==>We shall have swum in the river

        ==>But as per Question Future tense of sentence should write as per Given in option B:
        We shall swim in the river

        Sir,May be I am wrong but I think this answer(Question 59) is wrong given in PDF file .
        So if I am Right then Updade this answer in Revised Answer Key of Gujarat Circle PA/SA Exam.

        ==>Friends, if you found mistake then post it on official site so in Revised answer Key will publish.

        ==>Waiting for comment related to other mistake in answer key.Justify your answer properly……

  8. hey please share english section answer key …and i m general catagory my axporiment score.is 60 is any chance ??????

  9. Hi Friends,
    There is mistake in Part D : Reasoning
    ==>PART C (English) :
    53.B)Do I go to School Daily
    58.B)We shall swim in the river
    59.A)Good Natured
    62.C)To become confused and over excited
    65.A)Most Efficient assistant
    69.D)maintained it proper
    71.B)Placed order
    73.D)and does not work good

  10. Hello freinds,
    Official answer key for gujarat still not declared so anyone can send me the answers for english paper? I am safe in rest of three due to the OBC benefit and score is 34. So there will be chance for me as per your opinion?

  11. My Gujarat postal assistant mark. Eng. – 11
    Math.- 23
    Gk. – 15
    Res. – 22
    Total.- 71 /100
    Kya mera chance hai in GENRAL CATEGORY

  12. I m obc category candidate
    Gk 11
    Matches 13
    Eng 10
    Reasoning 16
    Total 50
    So any chance for my selection in next process

        1. Yes, your chances for selection in typing and data entry test are high. You should give proper time for improving typing speed.

          1. Sir isme typing ka kya system h merit m kese nambur judte h typing or data entry ke ple sir muje bataya

  13. I think the answer of “Pencil:graphite=Car:steel” because graphite and steel both are one type of metal. So for preparing the pencil there is must need for graphite and as the same for making the car steel is must.

  14. paper and plastic both are biodegradable but paper’s rate od degration is fast keeping this in mind papaer is biodegrade over plastic paakes 2 months while plastic takes 500 years so its irrational

      1. Banking and energy sector companies are the highest advance tax paying corporates in the country, owing to a surge in business and personal lending coupled with rising energy consumption, according to finance ministry sources.

  15. 54.
    Synonyms for AID :
    ==>Synonyms (Grouped by Similarity of Meaning) of verb aid :
    >Sense 1:
    help, assist, aid
    support, back up

    >Sense 2:
    help, aid
    better, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorate

    ==>Main Entry: aid
    >Part of Speech: noun
    >Definition: help, support
    >Synonyms: advancement, advice, advocacy, alleviation, allowance, assist, assistance, attention, backing, backup, benefaction, benefit, benevolence, bounty, care, charity, comfort, compensation, cooperation, deliverance, encouragement, endowment, favor, furtherance, gift, giving, guidance, hand, handout, leg up, lift, ministration, ministry, patronage, promotion, reinforcement, relief, rescue, reward, salvation, service, shot in the arm, subsidy, sustenance, treatment

  16. 56.
    Pencil : Graphite ~ Pen : Refill

    Simple logic :
    You can write with Pen Because of Refill as well as Pencil Because of Graphite.

    ==>Without Refill pen doesn’t works as well as without graphite pencil not works.

    1. Friends,comment your marks according answer key..and questions you think may wrong answer declared by pass.

  17. Sir I m pass in Gujarat pa sa exam
    My total mark is 51
    And I m obc category candidate
    So any chance for me ?

  18. Sir, I checked ur answer key but I have a problem in question in which ( we shall swim in the rive is right or we shall swum in the river) plz solve out these problem.
    sir I belong to obc category my total score is 57 in each section marks more than 10. Have I any chance for next round?
    Please tell me as soon as .
    Thanking u

    1. This is the official answer key. There are very less chances of a wrong answer. If candidates complains about wrong answer then that question will be updated with correct one.

  19. Plz sir check also these answer I surely doubt in both answer
    Antonyms of loose is restricted and synonym of aid are both assistance and cooperation.
    As soon as tell information about all problems questions.
    Thanking u

  20. I think answer of loose – astringent and answer of aid this word have both meaning of assistance and cooperation. It’s checked by any synonyms book

  21. We shall swum in the river..is right I think…becoz….we swam in the river is past tense,.sentence.,,

  22. there is mistake in official answer key
    booklet A. Engkish section que no 59
    the ans is b( we shall swim in the river)

  23. as per answer key gott 60 marks..
    pass in all section..
    belong to “S.C” category..
    Any chance for appering in computer test..????
    plz reply

  24. i got 61 marks gk-10,maths-18,reasoning-21,english-12 from gujarat and i belong to in s.c. cast so is their any chance for me for second sessone??????????

  25. hi pushpendra sir,
    i have secured 68, still i have doubt in some answers provided in official answer key. pls refer it below and help me.

    Q-8 xrays are streams of…… the ans. should be (a) electron because electrons are emitted in x ray light

    Q-46 what annual payment will discharge in simple interest a debt of rs 580 due in 5yr at 8% p.a
    answer should be-162.4 because 580(principle)+280(interest)=812/5(year)=162.4 the answer is no where in options.

    Q-48 x% of x is same as…..here the answer should be X^2/100..this is also nowhere in option…
    for example X=20 the 20% of 20=4 is same as 20*20/100=4 you can also take any other example..

    Q-59 convert the sentence in future tense..here the answer should be (B)
    we swam in the river (simple past)
    we shall swim in the river (simple future)

    Q-71 fill in the blanks.. i am not sure but here the answer could be A (a)
    she caught me by ……hand

    i have posted my query as per my observation these could be wrong…so please give right answer and explaination..this could be very useful to us..thanks

    1. What is think about answer of aid
      Here answer is assistance but corporation is not wrong. Both have same meaning .I think no difference between assistance and corporation.

      1. its co-operation dear… not corporation…both co-operation and assistance have different meaning..right answer is assistance..bdw what is your score???

  26. Sir I have got 73 marks ( more than 15 in each subjet) and beloning to obc category.Sir please tell me are there any chance to appear in for 2 round.

  27. Gd aftn sir, what u think about cutoff marks for gujrat state all category according to ur opinion.
    U always read the reply is send by no.of student.
    We all the student want to know cutoff marks for their category. U also posted cutoff list of all state before official answer key but now official answer key of gujrat has released .so now what u think about cutoff marks for gujrat circle.
    We all are waiting for ur reply.
    Thanking u

    1. Whenever declared the shortlist candidates list. It’s too much late. I think cut off for:
      Oc : 63 to 68
      Obc : 57 to 62
      Sc : 54 to 58
      St : 50 to 55
      It’s cut off only for shortlist candidates list but for final list this may be different.

  28. sir,pls refer the Q-24…the ri8 answer is fullerene…because diamond have the four diamenstional…how can possible it….so diamond is wrong answer….pls visit this

  29. sir….pls go through the Q-24….because i studied about this and i sure diamond never have a three diamensional so this is absoluately wrong answer…….the correct answer is fullerene and must fullerene..

      1. Final cutoff for PA/SA for Gujarat and Maharashtra will be –
        General : 67 – 72
        SC: 54 – 61
        ST: 50 – 57
        OBC: 63 – 68

          1. Last year cutoff was
            so this time also nearer to that..
            because last time total vacancy were 390 and this time it is 630…
            so, merit will nearer to last time….

  30. 20% is right answer .but answer key me 25% dia he .25% nahi aata. Pencil ka vikray karnese dukandarko 20% hi labh milta hai

  31. Too much time taken by postal department declaring result….we have to remind them that they have taken a exam and u have to give result…ha ha ha….

    1. totally agree wid u..and without any reason too.after 2 and half month we are still waiting for the final answer keys.its rediculous. they are murdering the exam patern.

  32. Sir,I belong to obc category. I have got 59 marks after revised answer key.
    What’s my chance for next round .
    Sir , synonyms of aid is corporation is wrong or not. I think assistance and corporation both are same meaning. What u think tell me.

  33. hi sir.I am gujarat circle student for st categories.I have pass each section more than 8 marks but yesterday result declared I have not appear for computer test.plz give me help

  34. hello friends…please share your marks who qualified for typing test…so we can estimate cut off marks…..my marks is 64..

    1. depends upon merit list after typing test…if more no of candidate pass the typing test merit will go high..when is your typing test??

  35. hey….which software is useful for data entry and data typing test??i am going to appear i second round..so pls tell me the name of the software

  36. hello everyone, here i am giving you my experience in typing and also make you aware about the selection process to those who don’t like to read the official notification.

    see guys i got 74 marks – obc candidate, gujarat circle. i have already completed the typing test. My actual typing speed at home at my own desktop is about 45 wpm but at the time of exam you will not get that soft keyboard. you your speed will get hooked.

  37. now about the selection procedure:

    see, you just only have to ‘QUALIFY” the paper-2. because the final selection will be made only on the basis of the marks you have secured in paper 1 only. so need not to worry about scoring in paper-2. so clear this in your mind.

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