SSC CGL 20 July 2014 Evening Shift Solved Paper

July 22, 2014

Staff Selection Commission conducted a re-exam for 2013 SSC CGL tier-1 exam paper. Last year, SSC CGL paper was leak at an exam center so authorities decided to cancel that exam and schedule re-exam on 20 July 2014. SSC CGL exam was conducted in two phase, morning session paper and evening session paper.

We at Career Vendor prepared full exam paper question and their tentative answers. Official SSC CGL answer key is expected to release after 5th August. Till then follow this solved paper and share with your friends. This paper has 200 questions distributed in various sections like, General intelligence and reasoning, General awareness, Quantitative aptitude and English comprehension.

Here we are sharing SSC CGL Evening session exam paper with answer key. Please note this key is prepared by Career Vendor team and it may have a very few wrong answers.

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SSC CGL 2013 re-exam Evening Paper Solved Paper:

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 01

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 02

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 03

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 04

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 05

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 06

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 07

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 08

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 09

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 10

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 11

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 12

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014 Answers - Page 13

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014Answers - Page 14

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014Answers - Page 15

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014Answers - Page 16

ssc-cgl-Evening-2014Answers - Page 17

Please comment below if you finds a wrong answer. How many marks have you got in this SSC CGL paper conducted on 20th July 2014.

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  1. These answers are wrong. Kindly Re-check them:

    Q.5 can be both C/D : It is debatable depends on which way you solve. You get D if you multiply first two digits by 2 just like 112 becomes 222,similarly 442 can become 882.

    Q.10 again answer is debatable but I think it should be C and not D. logic: difference between two terms in all options except D is either +57 or -57.

    Q.42 Again debatable: Could be D. Logic: Both Earth and Moon have mountains. Hence, under mountains both earth and moon comes.

    GA Section:
    Q.58: Answer is C. No doubt here. The question asks for origin of word “Superanus” which is Latin and not Sovereignty which is French.

    Q65. C. Just Google.

    Q66. A. Lanolin is derived from Sheep. Check Wikipedia/Google.

    Q.70: D. No doubt. Check modern surveying techniques in Wikipedia.

    Q.72. D. Syphilis is caused by bacteria and not Virus.

    Q.75. B. Check definition of denitrifying bacteria in google/Wikipedia.

    Q.76. C. Check google. Tobacco contains a number of aromatic hydrocarbons and hence has smell.

    Q.79. D. Simple Simple Harmoic Motion basic. At mean position: Force=0; Acceleration=0; Velocity(and hence Kinetic Energy) is maximum; Potential energy is minimum.

    Q.83. D. Velocity of gas = Square root of 3RT/M. Hence, velocity of gas is inversely proportional to mass. As CO has minimum mass among the given gases it has max velocity.

    Q.89 B. No doubt. Check definition of community in google/Wikipedia. Exactly matches the definition given in question.

    There are doubts on some other questions but I have raised only the ones of which I am absolutely sure.


    101. C. You have excluded 140 and 249 and hence getting 16. It says nos between 140 and 249 including both which means these nos too.


    162. C. Scintillating means bright or glittering.

    181. A. Tea leaves are kept in Caddy. See meaning of caddy in google.

    1. Hi Pravin,

      Answer to Q.119 is 10hours.Lets see how:

      Man’s speed= 12km/hr. So to cover 36 km he will take = (36/12 *60)min= 3 hours
      Now, for every km he rests for 12 min. Since he rests for only 35km (as after that he reaches his destination ie. he has travelled 36km and then rest of 12 min wont be counted) he will rest for 35*12 min= 7 hours.

      Total time taken = 7+ 3= 10hours.

  2. Syphilis is not a viral disease. It is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. Measles, small pox, mumps, rabies is the correct option.

    “Superanus” is a Latin word not French

    Lanolin is Obtained from the wool of sheep not cattles.

    Protection of plant varieties and farmers rights legislation was passed in August 2001 not 1999.

    1. It seems the moderator of the site forgot to re-check the answers.Can we figure out more issues with the answer keys? I gave the ones I found were wrong.

      I think we guys can reach a consensus on the answers in 3 sections: GA, Quant and English. And I am pretty sure that our answers would be nearly 99% right in these sections and would be more accurate than the coaching wallas. Simply because they have so many sets to cater to and we have just one set to solve πŸ™‚

      We can separately give our options of all the sections. What say?

  3. Ecosystem consists of non living things too. The right option is community. Sorry about the last post

  4. Lanolin (German use, from Latin lāna, “wool”, and oleum, “olive oil”), also called wool wax or wool grease, is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Most lanolin used by humans comes from domestic sheep breeds that are raised specifically for their wool.

    Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the spirochete bacterium Treponema pallidum.

    1. I was looking forward to coming to correct answers on our own. I have posted regarding this in a reply to Rajiv Lairenlakpam above. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. Hi Sonu,

      I am also just an aspirant like you. But I think the answer to 46 is B.
      Logic: See Left Hand Sides of Top Corner and Bottom Corner. Whatever is in Top corner has just been stretched to get the figure in the Bottom corner.Note that the vertical position of the four dots are the same in Top and Bottom position.
      Going by the same logic, come to Right hand side and try to stretch the figure given in Top corner; you will get the figure in B. Answer can be C because the vertical alignment is not maintained.

  5. ans for 5 is D, difference between first and second is 110, second and 3rd is 220 ie 110×2, difference between3 rd ad 4th is 2x 220 ie 440 hence ans d 882

    1. Q.32 Here you go:
      Divide First term in every row by third term: For 1st row-> 108/9 =12.
      Now 5 is added to the obtained result-> 12+5 =17

      For 2nd row: 208/8=26-> Add 5 again we get 26+5=31
      For 3rd row: 245/7=35-> Add 5 we get-> 35+5=40 and that’s our answer.

    2. hi Parul…
      Q. No. 32 will be solved like this :-

      Multiply the third term with the (second term – 5) in each row to get the first term……like this…..

      108(first term) = { 17 (second term) -5 = 12} * 9 (third term)

      208(first term) = { 31 (second term) -5 = 26} * 8 (third term)

      245(first term) = { 40 (second term) -5 = 35} * 7 (third term)

  6. official answer key of cgl 2013 held on 20th july 2013 has published. But there are many mistakes. In my set i.e. 514 TN 2, there are 6 mistakes. In question no. 144, 146, 147, 149, 150, 183 ssc has choosen option B, A, A, D, D, D where as it will be A, B, D, A, C, C. in the writ up they told that if there is any complain then it will be told to the given number. But unfortunately it is engaged all the time.. soo.. plz friend, suggest me what to do…

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