Why You Should Get a Masters in Public Policy

June 21, 2022

Policy designing and implementation are where global governments can use their manifesto into a reality. The work that goes into creating public policies is immense, as it relies on research and data. Governments around the globe have started becoming more strategic with their policy-making and are making more data-driven decisions, depending more on science and less on history or cultures.

The public policy works around creating new rules and regulations that enable a government to attain its objectives. Given the ever-changing political and economic landscapes around the globe, the need for educated and well-equipped policymakers has been on the rise. These individuals are critical for any government and even private sector organizations to bring about social change through new rules and regulations.

Public policy students gain in-depth knowledge about various topics, including economics, managerial areas of public policy implementation, NGOs and their functioning, and much more. The vast field has inter-disciplinary integrations with Economy, Public Management, and Finance. With the increased need and job opportunities for public policy graduates, here are some reasons why getting a master of public policy might be the right choice for you:

1. High Payscale

Public policy graduates can work in various branches of policy-making, political science, and non-profit sectors. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, apolitical scientists make an average income of $125,350. The average salary for most political scientists ranges between $62,840 and $170,800. The average annual salary of professionals in technical services is $136,640. Working in the federal government can make a policy graduate an average of $133,460, and those working in the non-profit, religious or civil service sector make an average of $87,910. The job payroll for public policy professionals is incredibly high across all areas, and therefore it is an extremely lucrative career option.

2. Various Specialized Fields

The public policy covers various areas of society and is one of the most diverse fields to work in. This includes economics and public policy, religion and culture, and integration of international relations. A Master’s in public policy opens your doors to countless opportunities to work in these specialized sector jobs in the future. Public policy is a great career option for someone who is still experimenting with their likes and dislikes and has yet to decide on one particular field. A master’s in public policy enables you to gain work experience, qualify for most of these specialized fields, and even create a combination of specific technical roles.

This ability to work across various fields enables you to get a fulfilling experience and enhance your knowledge and skills across all areas relating to public policy. This enriches your job and makes the work more fulfilling.

3. Get Training Across All Sectors

A degree in public policy enables you to get work experience in various organizations in your locality and across the borders. You can qualify for government or public sector jobs as a policy analyst, policy maker, and HRM and managerial roles in the private sector or NGOs. Graduate-level education in policy enables you to build an applicable skill set for all such jobs. You can join the civil service, judiciary, police department, economic wing, and development research in the public sector. In private industry, you can train administrative and human resource roles and lead impactful projects with a high element of CSR and policy making. As the studies are research-oriented, you can also work in various areas of academia.

4. Travel

Working in public policy is an excellent choice for a travel enthusiast who cares about their surroundings and wants a fulfilling career. A public policy graduate qualifies for majorly important organizations like the United Nations and can work in research or operational roles of various non-profits. These jobs require extensive traveling to understand the problems of specific localities and make a policy plan to tackle them in the long run.

You can get first-hand experience of the world of marginalized communities during your career and use your educational and professional privilege and knowledge to change their lives. This career is extremely rewarding, as you get to see your work making a difference in the lives of those struggling. Traveling will also improve your worldview and enable you to look at the world with a holistic lens

5. Become a Problem-Solver

Public policy education is heavy on analytical and technical skills. Research and solving extensive case studies improve your analytical techniques and teach you problem-solving skills at a relatively young age. The job of policy professionals is also centered around solving the problems of their community. The extensive research you’ll require in the field will let you look at the issues arising in the world through a more scientific and data-driven approach, so you’ll make strategic decisions to benefit the community. Any problem-solving skill acquired from public policy education can help you improve your approach to daily issues and help you provide value to the world through your job or any other ventures.

6. Improve Interpersonal Skills

Public policy is all about managing various areas of public dealing. As much as it improves research and analytical skills, it also helps an individual become their best version in interpersonal skills. Case study solving improves your argumentative skills, as often it requires you to analyze and evaluate your point of view. This improves your critical thinking and pushes you to scrutinize each policy decision. As a result, pursuing an education in public policy enables you to become better and more confident in your decision-making ability. These interpersonal skills and their development will reflect in all areas of your life, including your personal and professional lives.

You might even need to learn a new language and improve your linguistic skills as specific job roles in public policy require you to travel across the borders. This can further strengthen your communication skills and make you clearer in your speech.

7. Turn Ideas Into Reality

If you are a visionary person who dreams of turning ideas into reality, working in public policy is the right choice. During your public policy education, you get to soak in knowledge from policy theory. This theory is based upon the connection between objectives and the work of a government or a private organization. During your education, you can scrutinize the implications of a single policy on society. You will understand how a political choice can affect the masses in general and why it is essential to make well-informed and strategic decisions regarding policy-making. Alongside that, you will also enhance your knowledge on various topics relating to social science and be able to understand the world around you in a much better way.


Public policy education equips you with communication and presentational skills and enables you to make a difference in the community. It is an emerging field, and the demand for public policy professionals will only increase. The need for public policy experts will also keep rising as governments have started paying more attention to policy analysis and implementation.

Public policy degree holders can work across all sectors: the government and private, and can pursue a fulfilling career in the fields of international development, policy making, entrepreneurship, and management consulting. The job opportunities for public policy professionals are immense and ever-growing.

To succeed in the world of public policy, it is essential to be research-oriented and driven to solve the problems of the general public and make an impact. Public policy professionals that are successful in their respective careers are great problem solvers and keen to make a difference. Suppose you want to pursue a degree that paves the path to many career options with lucrative payroll and allows you to travel across the world alone, gauging diverse experiences. In that case, your best bet is to sign up for a master’s in public policy.

About the Author Elle Gellrich

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